Metal Detector Price and Features

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Metal Detector Price and Features

The price of the metal detector is directly connected with the possibilities in search, but indirectly with the cost and quantity of finds. And to say that low-cost metal detector will have fewer findings than an expensive cannot. And yet, there are cheap metal detectors, there is a medium and is expensive. And this price difference something should add metal detector? Overview of metal detectors, which are added to the price of the detector.

Metal Detector Price and Features



Metal Detector. What are the metal detectors

Metal detectors differ in three main groups. Metal Detectors, submarine and deep. Each of these groups of detectors, has its own specialization. Dirt search finds on the surface, with a depth of up to one meter. Underwater metal detector finds dive under water for tens of meters. With deep metal detector, looking for large artifacts (for example, more army helmets) and to a depth of 5 meters.

There are some detectors that cross its own specialization with connecting area. For example, metal detector, metal detector with ground Amphibious valid dive under water to 3 meters. Or the possibility of applying special nozzles to increase the depth of the (metal detector Garrett GTI 2500). And yet, usually the main specialization of the detector determines more frequent and the direction of the search to the selected detector.

Ground metal detector,  which has the largest (when compared with underwater and deep metal detectors). Displaying information about the found target on the screen (and deep underwater detectors often don’t have the screen altogether and only output the audio response). Configuring search on your current environment with wide variations in the impact of soil and tweak from interference. Wide choice of additional coils to expand or narrow the range of required goals.

Underwater metal detectors

Underwater metal detector, usually a detector with a consistent truncation purposes (for example, iron-copper-gold-silver or gold-copper-silver). With tweak influence of sea water (Mineralization). Work without a display and output only the audible response. But the underwater metal detector is able to dive under water for tens of meters and provide comfortable enough at this depth search.

Deep metal detectors

Deep metal detector, the main characteristic of this detector is depth, and more depth. the technology is simple – a minimum of settings. But the depth of the target acquisition up to 5 meters, can only fathom a metal detector. Finds deep metal detectors, start with the size of the helmet or knife bayonet. The larger the godsend, the deeper it can be detected. For example, Fisher TW-6, can detect a tank tower at a depth of 5.5 metre.

Price and possibilities of the detector

Fall under the spool of silver coin, inexpensive Garrett ACE 250 (price of the detector …) and under the coil Minelab Explorer SE PRO Professional (the price of the metal detector …) is both a metal detector will be given a “Silver” response. And digger with ACE 250 will lift this coin, and Explorer. And yet the price difference should the metal detectors that influence! Features and functionality of the metal detectors, and their value.

Screen and function metal detector

Metal detectors for ground (as the main class of detectors), the screen is one of the most important components. The screen shows what lies under the coil (her band discrimination of metals). Target depth. Current search program with a metal detector. Display settings and display additional information (for example, the current state of the soil). And even the battery level display of the detector, is very useful.

Based, almost all metal detectors (at any price), display the graphic, select the search mask discriminator, depth, sensitivity and current battery status. This is a set of functions that are on the screen and it is inexpensive and professional metal detector. But in the middle and expensive Metal Detectors, this set is more informative and more freedom in the finer tuning of the detector.

For example, in the more expensive models of metal detectors, to graphic discriminator added value, VDI (extended discriminator metal work). In some models, the output value is the detector current level of ground   Mineralization . To set the sensitivity, there is the added value of the recommended values. Color screen, instead of monochrome. Display light detector to search in the dark or dim light.


Coil metal detector


Features of the detector directly, “heads the” coil. No wonder its price often is half the price of the metal detector. It is the coil determines the maximum depth you will see the target. And precision work to separate the metals, depends on the ability of the search coil.


Coils for metal detectors come in three classes. Large (deep) coil, the average (Universal) and small (sniper coil). All three coils, can be of two types – Mono coil and DD coil.
Coil size will determine the depth of the search and the processing speed of the same site over time. But the larger size coil on metal, it’s not always a good thing. The large coils has its drawbacks: high probability of simultaneous capturing several objectives, reduced sensitivity to small targets, higher susceptibility to interference from outside. Therefore, based on the metal it is better to have originally universal reel and connect as needed or greater or smaller coil.


Type of coil (Mono and DD) allows you to vary the properties of the detector in the balance between depth detection of the target, precision in defining the objectives of the different groups of metals and the ability to compensate for the effect of ground mineralization.


Best price for metal detector


The price of the metal detector, collects the search capabilities. There are basic functions, there are additional. In the choice of the detector, the difficulties most often “buy a metal detector, New faces. After walking through the fields and forests, Digger already after a couple of months will understand exactly what it is and why it is necessary.

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