Old maps and Google

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Old maps and Google


I searched for many hours how to properly operate Cassini maps or other old maps, to enrich my personal culture on the topography of my region, and especially how compare to Google map (reality) without having to print cards miles! Caution I would remind you that it is forbidden by law to prospect on archaeological areas. Use the cards wisely and act with appropriate permissions.

Old maps and google



Before anything else, please refer to the page regarding the legislation concerning the detection of metals, we are not robbers!


The concept is very simple and usable both with Google map or Google earth. I recommend for ease to directly download Google Earth which is a sublime and free app. If you do not know the concept, start and you will be surprised!
The approach


Open a browser window and go to the Google.com search engine, click on advanced search and select the option “display results with any file format…”. ». This step will allow you to focus your research only understandable files for Google Earth. Select .kmz or .kmz file, enter the old cards that you are looking for (e.g. Cassini) and start searching!


On the other hand, it is possible that look this way old maps can be laborious… That is why that yours truly (myself!) has already chewed you work!

The preferential treatment


So I stumbled on two excellent sites in the field and offer to download old maps compatible with the mapping of the American giant software. Thus the site of David Rumsey is exceptional and the Panoramio site is absolutely no slouch on the subject.

To go further


If you want to go further, type ‘Ancient Rome on Google earth’ and discover how our ancestors had built their city.