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Precious metal detectors. Check the King of metals 

A bit of history


Gold is one of the metals known to man since antiquity. Its production began as early as the Neolithic age, which undoubtedly contributed to the fact that gold is found in nature . The beauty of this metal, Physical and chemical characteristics and unique mechanical makes an unparalleled leaders in jewelry making. Decorations are known from ancient Egypt and Babylon, aged a minimum of seven thousand years.

Precious metal detectors. Check the King of metals



Low prevalence of gold, its chemical resistance allow to use it as a metal for making money. Minting gold coins were made from that date, when the civilization of a people has opened “universal good” money. Gold is highly valued by virtually all peoples. Perhaps the only exception was the South American Inca Empire, which, due to the immense natural resources of gold, very calmly to the metal.


The history of money, as a means of calculation and accumulation, is inextricably linked with the history of manufacture of counterfeit money and fake gold. The easiest way is to add a fake gold coins in gold impurities less valuable materials are silver, copper, etc., respectively, had the task of defining the content of gold in coins and jewelry, and a natural question: how to test gold? Her decision to have the best minds of humanity. Known history of the discovery of Archimedes law — it was a “fair result” the task of determining the quantity of gold in the Crown of the ruler of Syracuse. Verification of the authenticity of gold gradually became an integral part of the trade.


Unfortunately, the method of Archimedes was effective only for very rough estimates and for a limited number of alloys. Further developed more sophisticated methods of gold, for example, by etching acid samples. If there is no gold in the sample, or has a high content of impurities, the reaction velocity can be estimated composition of the sample.


A chemical method for determining the authenticity of gold has a number of drawbacks associated primarily with significant injuries of sample (what to do if, for example, analyzes the unique jewelry?). With the development of science and technology came to methods and equipment at short notice to conduct quantitative analysis of precious metal alloys.


Gold purity


The importance of maintaining the quality of jewelry made of gold enter content standards in coins and jewelry, the so-called gold purity. In Europe, the definition of the sample and the statement of the official probirnyh of stamps began in about the 11th century AD. The State has introduced standards for how to test gold authenticity, and as Mark Gold products. In Russia the gold purity were established by Decree of Peter the great in the year 1700. A little before the silver marking was introduced, since silver was the basis of the money supply, and the relevance of quality assurance testing of silver was very high. From that time began the history of institutions that received later the name “assay Chamber.


Currently, there are two main systems of samples of gold, and metric. The carat system that consists of pure gold 24-piece (carats). Accordingly, the sample is 18 karat gold alloy means that contains 18 parts gold and 6 parts other metal. In the jewelry industry mainly uses gold in 9, 10, 18, 24 CT.