Questions and answers about metal detectors

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Questions and answers about metal detectors


1. What is the metal detector?


Metal detector is an electronic equipment capable of detecting metal objects which transmit electromagnetic field or through a series of electromagnetic pulses the coil (which acts as an antenna and reception signal). Used in security, search, or find and buried metallic objects, either by archaeologists or enthusiasts.

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Questions and answers about metal detectors

Questions and answers about metal detectors



2. How does a metal detector?


The simplest detectors can consist of oscillator that produces AC (alternating current, which can be a sine) signal, passes through the coil to detect these signals and produces a magnetic field rotation.


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3. What is discrimination?


Discrimination is the ability of a metal detector identify minerals that are discover. If you have any kind of discrimination metal detector, you already own ‘ do it yourself ‘ device ID. By increasing the level of excellence as the goal, is distinguished from other minerals and precious metals, and printed metal detectors which operate on the principle of excellence are best for researchers.


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4. how to care for your metal detector?


All electronic equipment, metal detectors must be handled properly to not shorten the life time of the device performance degradation, or at worst damage completely.


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5. What is the best metal detectors?


Compare the best metal detectors, features and prices of top rated metal detection devices. Find out what the best metal detector for you! The best guide to metal detecting “provides you with the information you need to choose the best metal detector.
Learn what is the best metal detector “. Find the best products for the metal detector, if you are looking for the missing pieces, and then a metal detector will become your new best friend. With the help of a metal detector, you can check every square inch.


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6. can make metal detector manually?


Nothing is impossible if you desire, some may find that the metal detectors made a difficult process, but simple if we know the workings of these machines, and the method that you use in the detection of targets, and this site has many articles that talk about how to make a simple metal detector.


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7. where can I find the site explains about metal detectors in simplified form?


You have reached the place that offers a detailed explanation of various metal detectors, pulsed stimulation devices, sensors, underwater metal detectors, walk-through metal detectors, and much much more.


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