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what is Radioed silver – Many noticed that silver darkens rapidly . It has to be cleaned more often, and because of this quality jewelry is getting worse . Radioed silver – what is it? This silver does not darken . What’s his secret?

– Coverage silver jewelry. The main secret radioed silver is a special coating that does not darken and not oxidized . Due to special processing decoration serves you much longer and does not require constant cleaning . Lifetime favorite ornaments last for many years , and maybe even for centuries.

– Environmental safety . This coating is completely safe for humans, so do not be afraid and to choose this type of jewelry from silver.

– Beautiful appearance . If you compare with a special silver jewelry plated jewelry in white gold , the differences will be minimal. Shining silver treated very intense . Untrained eye can not distinguish such jewelry.

– The money saved . Cleaning silver jewelry in a jewelry workshop is from 5 to 10 dollars. This procedure requires at least three times a year. Silver -plated from darkening does not require special cleaning , so the money you can spend on the right thing.