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If you plan to buy a metal detector , which is able to cope with the diverse challenges note FISHER F4. This is a wagon with a great functionality, easy operation and stylish design. Thanks to the classical S- shaped metal detector system design assembled and disassembled in two minutes . FISHER F4 consists of three sections. Lower – carbon fiber , and the rest – from aluminum. All the elements of the device is extremely easy , but it is incredibly durable. The metal detector is equipped with a soft comfortable armrest. The handle is made of polyurethane foam . Through this hands do not get tired after long search. The keys are arranged in such a way that they are convenient to operate with your right thumb . The length of the detector can be easily adjusted to any height of the operator . The design of the apparatus is assembled on the spring-loaded buttons. Complementing this is fixing coils . This fixture completely eliminates backlash and loosening.

The main advantage FISHER F4 – search coil is made ​​on monolithic technology . With it, you can search for greater depth. It identifies the target much more precisely , captures large areas and copes well with the impact of minerals in the soil. Coil waterproofed , so that you can conduct a search on a surface covered with water. Elastic wire coil connects the unit via plug. For additional fixation , and soft hook and loop fastener . The metal detector is easy enough , but it is strong and durable . The search coil and allows you to work in trashy areas . On the rear panel of the control unit is located headphone output . Of course , FISHER F4, like all metal detectors, adapted for use with an external speaker. But there are times when the signal is so weak that it can only be heard in the headphones. The metal detector is powered by two batteries  that ensure trouble-free operation for forty hours.

Fisher F4 Metal Detector
The control panel is equipped with a LCD display, touch-sensitive buttons and a potentiometer. Despite its apparent complexity, the metal detector is easy to manage . There is a mode which converts the signal into a monotonous sound. It is useful to you if you want to discover the land of all the metals in it . The second, equally useful mode provides accurate detection of the center of the target. He needed to dig objects without damage. The most popular is a function of discrimination, including that you wash away remove from search your unwanted items . Incidentally, among the modes of a metal detector , there is one very useful – segmental exclusion of objects from the search. Also, the metal detector with a potentiometer can be set on the ground. Professionals understand what I mean : the deep high levels of performance are only possible with manual setting of the balance sheet.

With display FISHER F4 even beginners will be able to work in the search business. The upper scale shows the most frequent target. In the center of the display, then the digital value that corresponds to the value of the object. Thus, looking at the display , you will see , it is worth digging up the subject or move on. The device is equipped with a sound indication  . The lowest tone suggests that before you black metal , high signals the non-ferrous metals . In addition, the sensitivity of the detector is equipped with a scale that shows how deep is this or that subject . Also, the present FISHER F4 charging indicator .

To summarize , we can say : FISHER F4 – wagon ! With this device you can go in search of even military artifacts. It is ideal for both novices and pros in the business. What are you searching for any attack, they will be for you the most convenient and comfortable . Moreover, among the advantages of the metal detector , and reasonable price . Yes, it belongs to the mid-market goods . But given the advantages possessed by this powerful machine , spend the money to purchase it not a pity .