Scannermax Gc 1018 PRO

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Scannermax Gc 1018 PRO is one of the newest and most complex metal detectors on the market. It can satisfy the needs of even the most “capricious” professionals. Combining automatic and manual settings at the same time to ensure maximum efficiency and amazing results in a variety of soils. Holds 32 Bit Z-TEX computer microprocessor and Multi-frequency technology. With the help of this complex instrument technology reaches maximum depth and demonstrates very good discrimination.
Scannermax Gc 1018 PRO

Scannermax Gc 1018 PRO

 features Scannermax Gc 1018 PRO:

Means of identification:
(1) via the LCD display with 8 segments;
(2). tonal identification: 3 different t
Complete discrimination. The ability to search only non-ferrous metals (gold, silver, etc.)
Option for manual adjustment of the earthly balance to work in highly polluted and soil moneralizirani
GND TRAC: pinpointing-button to determine the exact location of the found object
Setting the sensitivity and depth of the work of the unit with up to 12 levels
Battery status indicator
An indicator of the depth of the open object
Large LCD display
Driven by a microprocessor for maximum precision
Mode of operation:
1. All Metal (all metal)
2. the DISC (jewelry and ornaments)
3. AUTO-NOTCH (user mode)
5. SURF ELIMINATION (Elimination of the surface effect of the soil-for deep search in strong mineralized or contaminated soil, as well as to search for gold nuggets)
22 cm waterproof probe
Length: up to 115 cm to 130 cm
Weight: 1.2 kg
Multi-Frequency Technology. Frequency of work 6.5-6.7 kHz.
Battery: 2 PCs. 9V
Headphone Jack (3.5 mm)
1 year warranty