Search for gold by modern metal detectors

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Opponents of free-paying say that the content of gold in deposits and ores is now low, so to extract gold in a non-industrial way is absolutely unprofitable. “To get a gram of gold, you need to shovel a few cubes of rock. What can a man with a shovel do? Free-carriers will not be able to earn and will only steal.

In fact, it’s called “shadowing the lash.” The deception is hidden in the words “low gold content.” Content is the ratio of the mass of gold to the volume (or mass) of the rock, so in any case the correct term “average content” or the volume in question must be specified. For example, the average gold content in the earth’s crust (clark) is 5 milligrams per ton. For mining it is a very low average content.

Search for gold with a metal detector
Search for gold with a metal detector

However, in the earth’s crust there are local gold-enriched areas. Specially trained people – geologists – are looking for them. The average content in large enriched areas, called deposits, is hundreds and thousands of times higher than the average content in the earth’s crust and is 2-10 g/t.

Inside the deposits there are even more enriched areas: nests, ore pillars. The average gold content in ore pillars and nests reaches kilograms per ton. The smaller the volume of the rock and the more gold in it, the higher the content.

In recent years, there were modern devices – metal detectors, allowing easy to find gold-rich areas. When we find a nugget metal detector, we extract 2 to 20 grams of gold from several kilograms of excavated rock. Taking into account “empty” (erroneous) excavations, the average gold content in the extracted rock often exceeds 1 gram of gold per kg of rock or more than 1 kilogram of gold per ton.

Arcas scan detector is a piece of search excellent gold
Arcas scan detector is a piece of search excellent gold

The gold content of a kilogram per ton, happens in a small amount of rock. You can choose it not even a shovel, enough geological hammer. No hard work, no need to even have a wheelbarrow to transport the breed. There is no need for a device for washing the rock, no need for a pump, no problems with water pollution in the river.

An elderly pensioner, a woman, even a child can earn gold. At the same time, everyone has a chance to find a nugget worth several million dollars!

Tests of the main types of metal detectors for gold search were conducted by Irgiredmet in 1996-99. In 2005, for the first time in our practice, metal detectors were used to identify gold-rich quartz veins.

The first version of the practical manual was written in 2000 from experience in the bulk deposits, but the study of metal detectors continued and the book was repeatedly replenished with new materials.

A practical guide is written for amateurs and professionals. And, above all, for those who want to buy a metal detector. It describes the main devices, their capabilities and features; Practice practices in different settings are described.

Gold and growth in Sudan
Gold and growth in Sudan

For professional geologists, recommendations are given on the use of metal detectors in exploratory work and operational testing.

For fans are given recommendations on the choice of promising gold plots.

I hope the experience will be useful to the readers of this book, and help to find wonderful nuggets.

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