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Settings metal detectors


Learn how to adjust his metal detector, follow it guide! When you first start with your metal detector you don’t know necessarily still well your machine. Furthermore, I imagine that the majority of us (me included) hate to read small manual shipped with his metal detector and prefers immediately pass to the Act. That is why today I’ve written you an article on the optimal setting for your favorite machine.

Settings metal detectors



In this article you will need to know the concept of discrimination, if you do not know what it is I you reference to our lexicon of metal detecting.


I – The different parameters of the metal detector

When you prospect your machine crosses several parameters and attempts you transcribe all in an audible and visual signal on the screen. First and foremost, need to understand that these signals are lead by several parameters:
The metal which is made the object: some metals are more drivers that others so one can classify the different metals found with our metal detector this way (more conductive to the less conductive): silver copper bronze or aluminium nickel lead iron
The size and the inclination of the object or the currency: obviously a currency that has its surface to your machine will be more easily recognizable that if she presents him her slice on the other hand the size of the buried object can also change the perception of your metal detector. So a big piece of iron will have a high conductivity due to its mass and will thereby be able to cheat your detector.
The depth to which it is buried: indeed, over an object is deep, less he is perceived by your machine and more it is difficult to discriminate the metal in which it is making

II – The setting depends on the type of terrain


Take the simple example of someone who explores mode “all metals” in a field still operated. The advantage is that it is 100% sure to detect all the objects present in the soil, all the coins in gold, silver or bronze, all jewelry… but as discrimination has not been enabled, the metal detector will also indicate the objects of type nuts, bolts, bits of metal, aluminium cans and other waste. So as the probability of finding a rare object (currency in gold, silver or bronze or any other jewelry) is low, the user of the metal detector will then spend his afternoon digging to pick up waste…
Therefore, it must be understood that more land is polluted, more you push your metal detector discrimination.


Conversely, someone who will push the discrimination at its maximum risk for sure Miss pretty finds such as coins etc… and so to spend his afternoon sweep the floor ‘in the wind “.

III – How to find the setting perfect?

There is no perfect setting, it is to make you to your own experience and to get to know your metal detector. However can draw major lines. So when I go out with my Garrett ACE 250 I often use presets. I almost always detect mode “jewelry” this mode allows you to zap the majority of waste and especially do almost nothing to Miss interesting. However if the ground is too polluted, I change my settings to switch mode ‘corners’ to discriminate a little more. Finally if the ground is really too polluted, I spend in manual mode and I discriminate against almost halfway (to avoid the alu I select on my detector half of the «gold range» until the «silver range”to keep only very conductive metals).

IV – And with these settings I will therefore find more waste?

Not quite! As I have explained you the metal detector is an average of the three parameters. Your machine is designed to detect objects of small size such as coins or jewelry. It will therefore be very effective for discriminate you objects of this mass. On the other hand, if the object is large and deep (like a can of soda for example) it is most likely that your detector does not know the difference and you will need to dig to get to the bottom.


Moral: the best setting for your metal detector is one that should be at your own pace and terrain. Make it a habit to begin prospecting a place with a low discrimination and if the ground is polluted, increase the as and when!