Technical equipment – the main criterion of price

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Technical equipment – the main criterion of price.


First of all, the price of the metal detector is affected by its technical equipment, features and configuration options. That is why cheap metal detector may have a minimum of features and settings, and expensive metal detector will have all possible system parameters for fine tuning and getting the limit search results. For some people fundamentally have the device with lots of buttons, switches and settings, other prefer to built on the principle “included and search”, the third will want to choose something, and everyone will be able to pick up the detector, it is convenient for him, because the choice is simply huge!
For example, model, renowned big love newbies and professionals, Tesoro Compadre  can be described as a simple metal detector with just one item to configure and manage. The only rotary switch combines three functions: on/off, alarm about the level of battery charge and regulating levels of discrimination, and the flagship product line, Tesoro Cortes  not only has many switches and potentiometers to regulate detector settings, but also high-intensive LCD display, which shall reflect the current settings and data on the occurrence target!
When considering metal detectors in a single brand lineup, you can easily define the distinctive features of functional sophistication . So, professional Minelab E-Trac functionality included in its many additional features including multi-frequency scanning technologies without replacing the sensor, electronic control and the ability to integrate complex patterns of discrimination, taken from the Internet.
A budget model of this brand of metal detector Minelab professional X-Terra 705 has a smaller feature set, allowing each customer to determine for themselves how borders required options and limits of expenses on the purchase of the search appliance.

Quality metal detector, largely determines the price

In the second place, how much does a metal detector is a reflection of its quality. The better detector, it is more expensive, so we recommend that you purchase only appliances manufacturers presented on our website, so you are guaranteed to get a reliable tool for performing the search. The quality of our understanding is a certified electronic components used in a scheme of the detector, as well as the materials from which made the metal detector parts, their reliability, durability, precision and quality of manufacture, Assembly.

The technological wars only benefit consumers!

Applied technology is the third component of the cost of the detector. Today, competition and technological progress makes producers look for new and innovative technology solutions to create advanced models search appliances.
Focuses on complex tasks such as:
1. increasing the depth of the search.
2. accuracy in identification.
3. the increase in the number of substantive and support functions.
4. creating a custom shell with complex tuning
opportunities that are already perfectly adequate
programming. metal detectors have become more management
close to computers, while necessarily keeping the limit
compactness, lightness.
5. wireless technologies.
6. energy conservation systems.
7. Microprocessor technology.
8. apply unique, specially designed eco-friendly materials.
All of this requires large investments into the development and production that could ultimately affect the price of a particular model of metal detector. As an example of a different approach to technological equipment metal detectors is the comparison of the two models.
Fisher F-75 metal detector equipped with microprocessor, deservedly is considered a professional appliance, which combines the beneficial response speed and accuracy of identification, due to the application of advanced electronic filling, but another Deus metal detector, XP can not only add to this the ability to work on multiple frequencies, but wireless technologies and exchange of information between the coil and the control unit, unit and headphones, so that the operator receives new features!
Fisher f-75 is powered by energy batteries, Deus depends entirely on built-in accumulators of energy embedded in each of the system components. However, for the convenience of having to pay extra, but vote ruble, you always have a choice and this is perfect!