deep metal detector Deephunter

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deep metal detector Deephunter

Unprecedented technology defines deep metal detector Deephunter, as the most promising and practical possibilities to combine treasure hunting under land and water, regardless of density and salinity . The error indicators location does not exceed 1 % , what could be better than a convenient and accurate data on the screen removal .


Due to the unique design of the transmitting and the receiving data processing device is in the real mode and transmitted in graphical 3D. Power detector is such that makes it easy to find small coins time of Catherine II the Great Patriotic War and military equipment , the depth when it can reach up to 12 meters. In addition to determining the location of the subject of the search , this device is able to show of what metal is made to : gold, black or colored metal , steel.

DEEPHUNTER PRO 3D PACKAGE metal detectors for gold

Characteristics of deep metal detector Deephunter:

– Just shows the depth of the object in centimeters ;
– There is a built-in function ” Refusal” for special settings on search of precious metals , cutting the interference in the form of iron or debris;
– Survey conducted in real time and displayed in the graphical editor 3D;
– You can adjust the depth of the search due to operational change coils :
a) 36 x 44 cm to find small items from 10 cm to 80 cm;

c) 60 x 100 cm – for deep search of larger objects ;

– Indicates using specific signal to which group belongs to metals :
a ) Gold;

c) Precious ;

c) Base ;

a ) Steel.

GOLDEN MASK Deep Hunter Metal Detectors Field test

Accurate detection and identification of metal – it’s not only the dignity of the deep metal detector Deephunter, including preferential characteristics includes detection cellars , caves, wells and burial graves. When this data is transmitted to the display in the pictures 3D- format that enables us to have an idea about the nature of emptiness. deep metal detector Deephunter very convenient to use , intuitive interface , lightweight , this device will be a reliable and sturdy assistant in all weather conditions .