Top 3 theory of the Bermuda Triangle

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Top 3 theory of the Bermuda Triangle


The Mystery of the Bermuda Triangle – one of the most popular mysteries of the world . People have tried to make several theories in an attempt to unravel the mystery that intrigued man for many years .

Bermuda Triangle – the area in the western North Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Florida , which has the highest number of planes and ships mysteriously disappearing without a trace. This – the area roughly in the shape of a triangle , located between Miami Florida coast and two islands , Bermuda and the island of San Juan in Puerto Rico. The Mystery of the Bermuda Triangle , also known as the Triangle of the “devil ” or ” Devil’s Island ” remains unresolved even today. However, there have been several theories , including those that indicate the presence of even the supernatural.

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Top 3 theory of the Bermuda Triangle


Theory 1: The effect of a comet


The first theory is that the comet from space crashed into the earth thousands of years ago near the area that is now the Bermuda Triangle . People who believe in this theory also seems to believe that somewhere in the depths of the ocean , lie the remains of the comet , and this – the electromagnetic field of the comet , which causes all the devastation , including the destruction of aircraft signals . No traces of a comet or something similar to it have not yet been found, and in the absence of evidence , this theory can only guess.


Theory 2 : Time Warp


This theory – one of the most popular theories , despite the fact that there is nothing to prove it. “Theory” time warp argues that the reason so many disappearances – a journey through time. In other words , this theory says that when something ends up in the Bermuda Triangle , disappearing planes and ships come back to the past or the future. There are also people who reported seeing that huge tunnel shaped cloud around the area that resembles a tunnel for time travel.


Theory 3 : Attack of the pirates


Although this theory can not be completely ruled out , it does not explain the reason for the disappearance of the aircraft. According to this theory , the reason why so many ships have disappeared because of pirates who are particularly active in this part of the Atlantic. Piracy was the cause of the destruction and disappearance of many large ships in the past in different parts of the world . Some theorists believe that in addition to piracy , attack enemy ships could also be the cause. This theory may be correct, at least for some disappearances in the past.