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Security metal detectors, white
Walking through the door
1. School door detection have led LCD (liquid crystal display) with the Chinese and English menus and direct manual operation, making it easier to set the process parameters, English operation interface is particularly suitable for foreign sites, in addition, all of the parameters set by remote controller
2. the door very iconic slip made from synthetic plastic materials developed with aseismatic design, both equipped with upper and lower body section with waterproof casing that can prevent water and fire and eat etc
3. have six areas metal wraparound detection and adoption of existing technology and interactive digital pulse transmitter and receiver, fix the position of mineral materials accurately
4. four aspects of the posts section contains lamps that you can see directly the position of contraband hidden in the human body, Visual angle up to 360 degress, which is clear and bright improve effciency work largely
Security inspection device
It is mainly used for these airports, subway station, Museum, Embassy, customs post, port and dock, scenic spot, and sports culture sites, Conference Center, Exhibition Center, large activities, scientific research institution, postal services, securities and traded materical and express delivery, and army border defence force, finance, electricity, hotels, schools, security and hardware manufacturer piblic institutions, departments of other important public places,
Hand-held metal detectors
Simple and easy operation
Samll also revealed as section size (or smaller) material with high sensitivity
The sensitivity is adjustable as required
There is no mention of under voltage battery relevent
It possesses powerful and low price funtion
Warnings include light and sound and vibration alert
This is only for metal detectors that can detect non-magnetic metals in China at present