Metal detector to find gold and treasure Garrett GTAx 550

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Metal detector to find gold and treasure Garrett GTAx 550


Surprisingly comfortable and efficient detector with microprocessor control and LCD display. Considered one of the best in its class , as incredibly easy to use , is characterized by high sensitivity and functionality. Can detect any metal objects in the ground to determine their depth and dimensions. Identify the kind of metal (gold, silver, iron ) helps modern graphical analyzer GTA, working with special technology . A real gem for all hunters , from beginners to professionals !

Features Garrett GTAX 550 Metal Detector:

adjustment of the threshold ;
DSP- microprocessor processing the signal ;
determining the depth of an object in “pinpointing”;
sensitivity setting ( for varying depth );
when it detects metal coins issued a special sound signal;
discrimination mode ( search for specific metals or coins) ;
Call the last mode used ;
auto balance parameters land ;
audio jack for headphones;
built-in speaker .

Metal detector to find gold and treasure Garrett GTAx 550
Garrett GTAX 550 Metal Detector  strongly won position ” workhorse ” of metal detectors, as already established itself as a comfortable, functional and , most importantly , reliable instrument . Application is a new reel “Performance 7×10 ” made ​​it even and very sensitive : now detector detects small coins and jewelry to a depth of 30 cm ! In addition, high depth detection scheme enforces patented “Power Master” ( as research has shown , she made the detector 20% more efficient ) .

Garrett GTAX 550 Metal Detector


Garrett GTAX 550 Metal Detector is very useful for coin : if they are detected the detector emits a special beep

The signal processing is carried out using modern DSP- processor , which provides continuity and quality analysis. Also helps maintain quick search at great depth and identify the type of objects found modern technology patented graphical analysis of GTA. With Garrett GTAX 550 Metal Detector– analyzer user gets complete information about the conductivity and hence the type of the detected object. These are displayed on the control panel if the pointer is on the left , then find is a scrap metal or debris in the center – made ​​of gold and alloys , right – articles of lead , silver or aluminum.