Why rent a metal detector?

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Why rent a metal detector?


There are several reasons that can push to consider renting a metal detector. The first is to detect a family treasure hidden on his property. In this case, the rental of a metal detector is not the best solution, as find a hidden treasure requires both the use of professional equipment which is not available for rent, as the radars of ground or pulse induction (only available devices called “leisure”), and a great experience to be able to set up and use this material. Indeed, the detection in and around homes is posing, and by far the most technical difficulties due to electromagnetic interference and of many pollution metallic surface which will be hiding the most important target but buried more deeply. In this case, the best thing to do is to apply directly to our team of professional treasures, this will save time and above all unnecessary expenses.

Why rent a metal detector?


Discover the detection

The second is to initiate detection, without investing a lot of money at the start. The rental is in this context a good choice, because it allows time for a weekend and cheap, through fields and forest by making his first metal findings. We must then consider the rent a mi-de-range good mark, a device called “leisure”. The models that I recommend are the following: tesoro silver sabre, garrett ace 250, garrett euroace, minelab xterra 305 and xp adx 150. They have excellent performance for the detection of isolated currencies, while being simple enough to adjust and use. Avoid renting a metal top-of-the-range detector, because you’d be lost in the settings and this would result in divert you quickly detection. When choosing a device, it must focus on those who have a good ability to remove ferrous metals, this is called discrimination. Under the detection of leisure, rather than power, it is good the ferrous discrimination which should be preferred. Another important to take into consideration is the weight of the device, especially if you intend to introduce young children to the detection.


Find a lost object


The third is to find a lost item recently, like a jewel for example. In this situation, rather than Pluto que de spend money without guarantee of success, because detection is a delicate exercise which requires a good dose of experience, it would be more appropriate, through an ad posted on our forum of detection, to appeal to a detectors in your area that can help you, most of the time free of charge, to find your lost object. Explore the research will have a great chance to be successful if the perimeter is relatively small (hundreds of square meters).