Fisher F2 metal detector for a beginner

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Fisher F2 metal detector for a beginner

Fisher F2 has positioned itself as an entry-level metal detector , designed for those who are just beginning to learn all the pleasures of treasure hunting . This detector combines all the necessary functions for a successful search . Thus the price of the metal is not sky-high , and often even lower than those of other firms in the same class . Therefore, in order to buy a metal detector Fisher F2 do not have to save for it ” for years to come .”

When meeting with the instrument pleasantly surprised by the simplicity of its configuration and management. Minimum of buttons on the electronic unit and the entire details of the search , the display make it easy to understand the metal detector and quickly get used to it.

Fisher F2 metal detector for a beginner

Lightweight metal detector F2 in 1 kg and 200 g gives the opportunity to work with him all day though . In this case, no fatigue and discomfort in the hand is not felt. To connect an accessory such as a headset, there is a special socket . Fisher F2 operates on two  Batteries ( 9 v).

Concentric coil 20 cm in diameter is included with the metal detector . Acquisition of additional search coil Nel 12×13 inches deep indicators F2 increases by 1.5 times.

The minimum number of buttons on the control panel of the metal detector Fisher F2 allows you to quickly navigate to the settings of the metal detector . The level of ” sensitivity” and figures ” discriminator ” changed with the touch switches . LCD displays such indicators detector search is depth , VDI object and the battery level.

Metal among others has a ” pinpoint “, which allows you to define the center of the object that is in the earth. This makes it easier to extract the findings .

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Fisher operates in two modes:

• static ( pinpoint )

• 2 dynamic ( “all metal ” / ” discriminator “).

The presence of 4- Levels  sound helps to quickly determine the type of metal from which the object is found by you .

During the test, Fisher F2 metal detector showed quite good results . Thus, the 1960 coin denominations of 5 cents , he was able to “consider” at a depth of 23 cm at the limit of the detection range of the instrument is about 95 cm depth Fisher F2 feedback from search engines the most versatile – and it is not surprising that the fiscal instrument .