the relationship between red mercury and money

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the relationship between red mercury and money I used to think that the story of red mercury has ended, but I’ve found that there are many questions which reached me about red mercury . But the facts of this story is strange occurred in the village , .. has spread among the people that there is a magician of Cameroon generates dollars through the use of red mercury  has gone to meet the magician some village youths who dream of rich quick without any work or effort , they managed to collect a thousand dollars after they sold what they have met the magician Cameroon inside a Cairo hotel , the magician by inviting them to dinner and then got them to the amount of one thousand dollars , which takes him before he was born dollars by red mercury .

And told the three young men that the magician put dollars and paste all paper and other paper the same size as the dollar original by placing them in the water , and then he put the material red water And told it is red mercury , and seconds later turned white paper to one hundred dollars amid distraught young .. The him the magician after this experience the three young men two thousand dollars and asked them to go to the shop Exchange to turn dollars into any other currency in order to make sure that those dollars are true and not fake , and actually turned the millennial dollars to Egyptian pounds and they do not believe what is happening .. and this could magician that makes young sure that red mercury is born of dollars , and they went to the village to tell me the story of each are met and were able to assemble half a million pounds turned into dollars after selling those cheated all their.

The magician came to them in their home , and the same process , but the former was born instruct them to put the leaves in plastic bags and do not open them until after 12 days due to the large size of the dollar amount , and then went magician and of course was with him the truth of dollars . After the specified period open men bags closed and did not find non- white paper color, and shock of surprise and fell unconscious .. and have been tipped leaves colored red right and left so that they might find any glimmer of hope , but unfortunately they were convinced that they are the victim of a quorum world was able to focus this time on some Egyptians who invented the myth of red mercury . This became the subject interview villagers and the cafes and everywhere .. and these young people who have been deceived by the charming Cameroon fallen victim to greed , who have lost their all their possessions of land and money , but they had rounded up some of this money from acquaintances and friends in the village and became so indebted to refund this money , and did not of course not succeed in finding that a quorum of Cameroon , who disappeared completely surely it will appear in another place to practice his hobby in the monument on the weak people … this is the new red mercury which generates dollars.

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