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Excellence that enjoyed by metal detectors Garrett, and insist on providing the best detectors for each customer , all earned credibility in the market, metal detectors , and today with us a new device from the company’s products giant Garrett , a metal detector ATX Extreme PI, you will learn more in this entry for this reagent, which is considered one of the best metal detectors .
New Metal Detector Garrett ATX
Garrett Atx Extreme Pulse Induction ( Pulse- induction scheme , a microprocessor-controlled ) – a professional metal detector with great depth research on small targets and the ability to work on complex highly mineralized soil. The metal detector can operate both on land and in water . Gareth ATC has small size and the ability to quickly transform.

Garrett’s New ATX Extreme PI Metal Detector


features GARRETT ATX Extreme PI:

Discrimination – adjustable scale 25 divisions.
Adjusting the sensitivity of the 13 divisions.
Adjustable ground balance of ” hot rocks ” to ” salt water ”
The operating frequency of the device – PI -730 pulses per second -justified .
Electronic pinpointer .
A quick check of iron Quick Iron Chek
Immersion in water up to 3 meters.
Weight: 2.5 kg

What you have included:

Metal Detector Garrett Atx
coil 10×12 “DD Waterproof
Connection set screws
2 drawers for batteries on 4 AA penlight penlight batteries Alkaline
AC charger and a car
Special bag for carrying Garrett

PDF on the ATX Extreme Deepseeker package.

Here is a PDF on the specls of the ATX.



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