Metal Detector Whites MXT

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Metal Detector Whites MXT


Describes the features of Whites MXT

Executed in standard products for metal detector “,” White’s MXT is equipped with an LCD display and the standard controls, located on the electronic unit. The bodies of three settings control the canceler of electrical measuring, two three-position switch and the trigger on the handle. The metal detector is the operating frequency in the 14 kHz, which makes it stand out against the background of similar appliances, searching on frequency in the 6.6 kHz.

Metal Detector Whites MXT


Thanks to the software, including the three options of search preferences, treasure hunter Gets a chance to get an optimal set of toggle-switching options to search for coins and jewelry, relics and extended studies looking sites. The second switch is responsible for the ground Balancing, and has three working positions: automatic tuning-out for soil, fixed configuration and mode of operation in a beach (salty sand). According to reviewers, particularly appreciated by professional searchers the ability to adjust threshold, indispensable when in search mode, the relics using headphones.


Technical characteristics


14 kHz operating frequency
Coil diameter 24 cm,
Sensitivity for the coin 5 copecks. (USSR), 35 cm
Limited sensitivity,  2 m
Food, 12 (1.5 x 8)
Weight 1.79 kg
Pin Point mode is
Manual sensitivity adjustment
Ground Balancing (mode) auto
The threshold tone is
Metal type sound recognition is
Programme of work 3
There is a keyboard shortcut
Monochrome display type LCD technology
Segments of discrimination (scale) from 1 to 16
Made in: United States
Warranty: 2 years