garrett infinium land & sea metal detector

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garrett infinium land & sea metal detector


GARRETT DETECTORS is now dabbling in new proposals for its users. garrett infinium land & sea metal detector is a new direction for GARRETT and seekers of treasures from around the world. Considered the “go anywhere, do anything” detector, designed to find gold nuggets, gold coins and caches treasures and relics in any part of the world, even to depths of diving up to 200 feet.


With advanced tracking of soil variable speed, multi-channel pulse induction technology, discrimination, ID tone for more destination information, a submersible, entire environment design and elimination of interference and without reduced sensitivity, garrett infinium land & sea metal detector is, by far, the multiple frequency more technologically advanced detector on the market. Easily exceeds the capabilities of depth and discrimination of all competitors in its class.


Whether it’s prospecting of the goldfields of Australia and Arizona, the hunt battlefield Civil War, detachments of volcanic rocks of the Pacific Northwest, or the beaches of black sand along the coast of Italy, garrett infinium land & sea metal detector will maintain exceptional performance. garrett infinium land & sea metal detector has the largest number of multi-frequency – 96. No other manufacturer comes to engineering that many frequencies on a detector. If you want to buy the best detector of multiple frequency in the market based on the actual merits of the unit, the garrett infinium land & sea metal detector is for you. The waterproof design of the garrett infinium land & sea metal detector becomes the first metal detector highly recommended for land and the detection of deep water. Three controls are everything you need to hunt successfully by the relics, jewels and gold.


Technical characteristics for garrett infinium land & sea metal detector


Technology of induction pulse, to an automatic cancellation of the interference of mineralized soil or salt.
730 pulses per second.
It has the operating mode all metals for searches at depth, although in this mode of operation does not discriminate.
Automatic and self-adjusting soil balance, which means that while you are walking the machine you are calculating the level of mineralization of the soil and be Auto adjust. The continuity that is carried out this auto-tuning is variable.
It has a system of rapid identification of iron.
You can dive up to 65 meters of depth, allowing you to explore in almost all places: in naval collapses, reefs, etc.
Submersible DD model PROformance coil 35.5×25. 5cm, has a large size which allows a greater capacity for penetration.
Hearing aids (non-submersible, optionally also available for a very affordable price submersible headphones).
It works with 8 AA batteries that give a continuous operation time of between 10 and 15 hours. Batteries included.

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