golden mask 4 review

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golden mask 4

golden mask 4 is a professional for professionals! Designed for all-out search and stripping.


golden mask 4 advantage in that it has a high response speed signal, allowing just fine to work on contaminated soils. This is because the metal detector is clocked at 18 kHz.


Metal detector search coil uses a wide range of scanning (Double D) that greatly increase the productivity of the mineralized soils.


Just as in the golden mask 4 Multi tone is present, can ignore the corks and other debris. Large iron objects do not constitute discrimination problems.

Golden Mask 4

Complete Set


-electronic unit with the top pole and arm rest
-average bar
-lower the bar
-set of fixture to coil
-instruction manual
-packing containers
10-Pack of batteries NiCd
-Charger (220V)

Characteristic features golden mask 4:


Instant response from target
Big reel 10.5 inches, executed on technology, DoubleD gives higher surface area scan and do a better job on difficult terrain.
Possibility to install larger diameter DD coils.
A constant threshold tone produces a better sensitivity to extreme depths.
Manual ground balance potentiometer allows the operator to configure the detector for specific needs and search terms.


Automatic ground balance makes quick work of the detector and allows you to work comfortably in the garbage. Detector chooses the most optimal settings the sensitivity and value of the balance and constantly monitors the changing ground conditions for automatic tuning.


10 batteries with capacity 1000 mAh rechargeable with charger. In addition, in the field, you can replace the batteries in normal batteries type AA.
A charger with a damaged battery restore) is included in the Kit.


To charge the battery completely discharged must be 5-6 hours. The adapter has a built-in timer auto shut-off via 6:0 and auto-off function when battery is fully charged. Can automatically detect, charge, discharge and maintain the battery at maximum capacity. Charger golden mask 4 can be applied for charging batteries of other brands of metal detectors.


The opportunity to work with one or two audiotonami.
The ability to accurately determine the size of an object due to an instantaneous response, signal length and wire coil.
Volume control allows you to work comfortably under various conditions, whether animated or highway reticent search in the attic at home.

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