Greek civilization

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Greek civilization

Greek civilization:
Greek civilization

Greek civilization

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The Greek civilization of ancient civilizations and thought and art. -Where is this civilization? And how they have evolved? -Wayne demonstrated its contribution to enriching human civilization?Greek civilization
Greek civilization

Balkan peninsula

Ì — Greek civilization emerged North of the Mediterranean, and has gone through three phases:
1 exist of the Greeks in a privileged location: of civilization the Greeks emerged in the Balkan peninsula and the Gulf of the Aegean Sea on the northern coast of the Mediterranean Sea with its narrow, mountainous area strewn by a group of small islands and the Greek was the name the Greeks by the Romans, because they speak Greek, they were calling themselves alakhein and then the Hellenic.
Wanted more empire building in the Greek history of Asia and Europe after grabbing alsharkvarsobabl and India, Syria, Egypt and North Africa and had made his son Alexander this dream.
At the beginning of the fourth century b.c. Macedonian began to influence the events of the Greeks in Greece especially after the rivalry between Sparta and Athens. The Persians they incite against them against each other. Athens was at that time an independent city State with its Parliament.
In this era the call to unite the Greeks, Macedonians of the Persian threat. Aristotle was an advocate for Alexander to this call for unity to enslave people. Aristotle was sending money to Professor Plato to send people to Asia to collect information and spy on the Persians.
Greek civilization
Greek civilization

2 Greek civilization passed in three stages:

People called the Greeks themselves, the name alakhein or alhilineyen,
Their civilization arose in 570 146 BC and went through several phases, including:
1. the times alhilinisi,
2. classic age: which is the best Greek ages under democratic Governor berklis
3. the alarkhi era: the age of tyrants and dictators who ruled Athens for tyranny, let alone the military alasberti Government enacted a policy of expansionism and hegemony over all regions of Greece, and extend the authority of his absolute Athens.
The classical era is brighter this time due to the intellectual and political role played by the city of Athens.
Greek civilization

Greek civilization

Conceptual picture of an Aegean Beach
ÌÌ – contributed to the diversity of the Greek regime in building sophisticated civilization:
I disagree the regime between Sparta and Athens:
A. the system alasberti arstakratia: * become Sparta of the greatest States-cities in the Peloponnese peninsula through military power.
* Monopoly policy in Sparta: are equal and not by the majority: break and alhilot alarstakrati, tinge
B-system in Athens was democratic:
* Know Athens during Pericles a political system in which many citizens and citizenship during the reign of klistine based on political equality.
2 the Olympics symbol the Greek unit of society: the ancient Greeks invented the Olympic games that were held every four years, with the participation of all the Greek cities. During the celebrations of these sports were practised religious rituals for rapprochement and peace in the region.
* The work of Hercules to collect the Greeks to celebrate the Olympic Games to create an atmosphere of friendship and brotherhood among the Greek cities discordant.
* The Olympic Games held in Olympia to highlight the strength and reason and included several sports including running, race cars, boxing, and wrestling … ….
And despite the conflicts and disintegration of the Greeks, the Olympics were a means to stop the war and disseminate the affection between the peoples.
Behind the Greeks refined civilization, have contributed to the building of human


She also is well known in the philosophy of Greece and matured in its capital Athens between the sixth and fourth centuries: BC Greek language targeted written understanding of the universe and nature and human and moral behaviour and community diagnosis, and politician and lay the elements of scientific method and philosophical and logical search …


Greek civilization

Greek civilization

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