hand held metal detector MD-3003

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hand held metal detector MD-3003



Indicators automatic hand held metal detector MD-3003B1 audible and visual alarm for safety checks

Handheld Metal Detector MD-3003B1 with a slight case of the activity and skin , easy to carry

An optional set of rechargeable batteries, LED display color , large size scan

hand held metal detector MD-3003

Product Features:

1. The maximum sensitivity & ruggedness : capable of detecting very small concealed metal objects .

2 . Switch reduction , to help reduce the sensitivity of the interaction while browsing at the ankle , or a madman signals.

3 . Automatic adjustment , without adjustment , large surface scan includes a quick and thorough scanning .

4 . Audible and visual alarm indicators . It can detect the size or length of metal objects according to the volume of the alarm sound.

5 . Loud sound provides normal operation in noisy cases.

6. Sound features : The sound gradually grows loud which sounds convenient .

7. Optional belt holder available .

Technical parameters:

Working frequency : 95KHZ

Product size : 42cm * 8.3cm * 4.2cm

Weight : 0.44KG/pcs

Package size : 53.5cm * 27.5cm * 51.5cm

Package Weight: 25 pcs / carton , 15,6 kg / carton

Battery : 9V (Alkline & chargeable battery) , continuing 80 hours during the work.


check 1.Security: Such places are forbidden to take guns and knives as a police station , factory gate , courthouses , stadium , public buildings , private buildings , etc.

protection 2.Loss: These places need to prevent from stealing as chemical refineries , electronic , metal , plastic industry.

cheating 3.Preventing: Such cases need to protect the signals of mobile phones, electronic dictionaries , MP3, MP4, Ucards, and wireless transmission media to prevent cheating as a college entrance exam , testing, and examinations of public servants.

Working power supply : 9V battery

Product Size: 410 x 85 x 45mm

Package size: 44,5 x 26,5 x 52cm

Weight: 13 kg

Alarm Mode: alarming at the buzzer and LEDs, and synchronized vibration

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