How to begin research essential tools

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How to begin research essential tools


Go in search of treasure or prospect of old valuables is very exciting. Yet it is necessary to conduct a preliminary study before embarking on the adventure. Here are a few tools that will prepare your prospecting and gain time.


Archives: this is to be found very old and edifying information (administrative life, religious life, etc.). See also archives the cadastral plans and their evolution over the ages.
How to begin research essential tools

How to begin research essential tools



Local history: each region, each village has a history that it is clean. Local history treaties left the archives are full of items that will awaken your curiosity. Feel free to consult them whenever you get the opportunity.
The topography is a representation on a map of the landforms. The highest points were always privileged places of installation of men, as well as proximity to water courses. So you have an idea of the areas on which to focus your research.


Maps: consultation of old maps may prove essential for specific locations. You can also consult the maps.


Aerial photographs: quantities of elements that can provide crisp information related the history of an area are not mapped and often invisible from the ground. As well as soil keep in memory the transformations they suffered for decades, or even centuries, and who did not escape a view of the sky. This is why it makes sense to own or to consult before your prospection, aerial photographs.