JW Fishers metal detector Pulse 8 x

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JW Fishers metal detector Pulse 8 x

Underwater metal detectors are designed to search for metal objects in the water column or bottom soil
Working principle of the detector is based on the physical properties of metals-to radiate its own electromagnetic field when exposed to strong external electromagnetic pulse. Metal detector generates and emits a series of pulses, followed by a listening mode, “scans the space for emerging electromagnetic fields. The signals are amplified and displayed on the indicator unit of the detector and are converted into audio signals and transmitted over headphones Diver (operator).

JW Fishers metal detector Pulse 8 x-metal detectors for gold



Source of generated pulses and simultaneously serves as an emitter of electromagnetic signals receiver (frame) of the detector. Radiators tended to represent the circles of different sizes, the more the spotlight, the more powerful and more sensitive metal detector-Tel. The size of a standard radiator is within 19-25 cm. Its characteristics make it an equal degree of detecting small coins, and large metal objects. Big emitters (71 cm in diameter) are used for searching large objects deep in the ground.
Metal detector capable of detecting all types of metals and alloys, but by the nature of the received signals can only be roughly judged on type and size of the found object as the signal strength is highly dependent on the depth of the object, the availability of other metallic elements within the coverage area of the detector, the direction to an object, etc.
Professional metal detectors are more sensitive, high capacity and availability of pointer or digital signal level indicators, ability to work with the radiators of different diameters.
Today, professional market metal detectors introduced models of JWFishers.

JWFishers series PULSE metal detector

Metal detectors series PULSE is designed to search for metal objects in the water or on the surface.
Feature all metal detectors, PULSE is a unique sealing system connecting cable that prevents water from getting into the indicator power cable is damaged.

The younger model comes with a metal detector PULSE 6 x.

The device is a plastic handle with a tracer round and block heater. The handle is made based on the anatomical structure of the human hand, so that you do not feel the weight of the unit in the water and on the surface. The indicator unit can be fitted on both the knob and the diver belt.
On the block is the on/off switch and indicator switch. Block design provides smooth movement of the indicator arrows that facilitates the work of the diver.
The older model-PULSE 8 X has the same design, but twice the power and sensitivity. Besides the metal detector is equipped with a needle indicator, an indicator of the battery voltage and test system for leaks. The device is also equipped with adjustable sensitivity of the received signals, which allows you to specify one of three ranges of sensitivity for more accurate search.
Metal detector PULSE 6 x/8 x do not require special maintenance and calibration, in the SPTA Kit is supplied for routine maintenance during operation. Devices are powered by internal battery power.
The standard delivery set includes: metal detector with an indicator, block heater 19 cm, power built-in rechargeable batteries with charger, headphones, diver, maintenance kit, shipping case.
Optionally available with a diameter of 25 radiators, 40 and 45 cm (the latter with cable 30 m) radiator, oval 20h120 cm.

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