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Golden Sense

  Developed a golden SNES specifically to detect raw gold nuggets, coins and other small metal parts in addition to Read more

AREX -17

    Discover gold and minerals and treasures, caves and underground relics and determines the type of metal, size, depth Read more

Sphinx BM 901

Sphinx BM 901 IBM metal-901-designer to search for metal objects, location and depth. In a weak media, with the following Read more

A GPR x-3 2012

A GPR x-3 2012 Direct vision of what is hidden under the ground Painterly device directly from the best and Read more

Metal detector jobs

Therefore, the function of primary importance for searching in sparse areas is the metal discriminator. Each type of metal has its own conductivity, which is determined by a discriminator. With its help, the VLF metal detector can be configured to specifically search for gold, silver, copper, etc. At the same time, the discriminator will help you avoid beer caps, aluminum ears from cans, cigarette pack chips, nails, wires and other garbage.

Models of metal detectors with discrimination often implement specialized search programs: jewelry, coins, gold, etc. Note that the selection function only works correctly if the file is moving constantly and with a fairly high intensity. It is harmoniously complemented by the Pin-Point placement used to indicate the location of the discovery. In this mode, the coil responds effectively to metal objects even when stationary, and can locate objects deep in the soil with an accuracy of a few centimetres. As a result, you will not have to dig additional amounts of soil to recover the find. Discrimination does not work in sniper mode.

TOP 5: Best Metal Detector 2023

Often, all modern metal detectors have a display, and in some models they are also backlit – very useful equipment at night. In advanced types of search devices, the screen shows the drilling depth and detection settings according to the type of metal, etc. Budget metal detectors may not have a display, instead using a call indicator or audio signal via a built-in speaker. By the way, models with tone selection usually do not provide a display at all. But based on the tone of the audio signal, you can roughly estimate the nature of the detection by ear.

Lorenz Deepmax Manual X 5 & X 6 series metal detector DVD/video

Lorenz Deepmax Manual X 5 & X 6 series metal detector DVD/video

Lorenz Deepmax  Manual X 5 & X 6 series metal detector DVD/video Lorenz detecting systems from the outset had only one objective: to build the best metal detectors for different needs of researchers around the world. Lorenz tracking systems are used throughout the world with great success. Lorenz Deepmax Z1 series Metal detector German review Lorenz […]Read Post

nokta goldengate plus 3d metal detector – 107B-3D


107B-3D Waiting for answers to many questions will guide you cevaplanmasında. Goldingati 107B–3D is the ballistic research, reviews, event, search and rescue, designed for work. Police and gendarmerie forces and civil society organizations to a great need in this field 107B-3D. Goldingati detects detectors for golds are used only by making information verebiliyorlardı alert. […]Read Post

long range metal detector – Gold Long Range Detector Bionic 01

How remote sensing system (long term)

long range metal detector Treasure Gold Detectors Long Range Treasure Locator Long Range Gold Detectors ATC Metal Detectors Metal Detector Accessories And Supplies Metal Detector Range Best long range metal detector Long Range Locator Metal Detector Broken Metal Detector Long Range Gold Detector Metal Detector Used Metal Detector. LONG RANGE LOCATOR METAL DETECTOR long range […]Read Post

industrial metal detectors for food

industrial metal detectors for food

Metal Detector Reviews Best Rated Metal Detectors Whites Metal Detectors Best Places To Use a Metal Detector Instructions To Build a Metal Detector Metal Detector Comparison Chart Plans To Build a Metal Detector Metal Detector Ratings Metal Detector Rental Metal Detector Schematics Complete Circuit Diagram Of Metal Detector Build It Yourself Metal Detector. The requirements […]Read Post

Is it worth looking for gold with a metal detector?

Is it worth looking for gold with a metal detector

The search for gold is a dream of all treasure hunters, because gold is one of the most precious minerals, which is the most in demand, whether gold nuggets or gold pieces, jewelry or coin. Of course, this kind of research requires more effort, because finding the golden areas is not an easy task, not […]Read Post

Metal Detecting Oregon – Field Testing the Garrett AT Pro

Garrett AT PRO

Field Testing the Garrett AT Pro Among the detectors of the production of Garrett Electronics can not be distinguished Garrett AT Pro-The model of metal detector, without which can not do any self-respecting professional search jobs. garrett at pro kellyco metal detectors. At Pro model is a professional metal detector, from one look to which […]Read Post

tr 9000 detectors made in sweden

tr 9000 detectors made in sweden

TR 9000 water detector in the ground TR 9000 water detector in the ground The latest technology in the world and the latest integrated electronic system to detect all of the riches of the Earth. This device is most universal version we are giving you all high confidence. they acquire the first detector in the […]Read Post<

High Quality Metal Detectors-ceia metal detectors

Security inspection detectors for security services

High Quality Metal Detectors-ceia metal detectors The company produces industrial ceia metal detectors and hand held detectors. and is currently a leader in the design and manufacture of metal detectors for industrial purposes and the purposes of the safety of objects, as well as for ground search. The solution offered by ceia include detection equipment […]Read Post

kellyco metal detector superstore location

kellyco metal detector superstore location

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metal detectors gander mountain

consumer reports best metal detectors for gold

Metal detectors are more advanced entry-level devices than simple metal detectors. However, these devices cannot be classified as professional devices. After all, they, with all the richness of settings and options for identify the goals do not have very important feature-tweak from the soil. Perhaps I would argue that in our conditions it is not […]Read Post

airport security metal detector

airport security metal detector

For safety at each airport scanners are installed. Fundamentally they are divided into two types: Walk through metal detectors, the so-called framework, and scanners that create a full image of the human body on the screen. The latter are considered to be more efficient to search for bringing prohibited items on board. Unlike the frame […]Read Post