what to look for in metal detectors part 2

what to look for in metal detectors part 2 In the category Metal Detectors more articles and learn more information about what to look for in metal detectors part 2 Reviews Price Specifications Features Image manuals videos Accessories All this in metal detectors for gold.

Because the exact location of the treasure with a metal detector, looking for buried metallic object does not have to be located under ground, but may be freely on the ground appropriately disguised other materials. You can create yourself, or enjoy the treasures their search.

what to look for in metal detectors part 2

buying a good metal detector what to look for how to buy a new or used metal detector, learn how to operate a metal detector and become a professional.


When switched on the search head produces an electromagnetic field which extends into the environment, whether it be land, stone, tree, water, air. On the surface of the metal in the coverage area of the search coil under the influence of an electromagnetic field are so-called Eddy current detector. These eddy currents generate their own electromagnetic fields, leading to the reduction of electromagnetic field created by the search coil that is fixed by the electronic circuit of the detector. In addition, this secondary field distorts the configuration of the primary field that also is captured with a metal detector. Electronic circuit handles the information and signals the detection of metal. Eddy currents are formed on the surface of any metal objects or minerals. Determination of metal in an object based on the measurement of the conductivity of the object.
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How to choose the best metal detector for gold

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