Metal Detector Fisher F75 LTD

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Metal Detector Fisher F75 LTD


Description Fisher F75 Special Edition BLACK

Fisher F75 Special Edition BLACK is a logical continuation of a series of metal detectors Fisher F75.
Fisher F75 Special Edition BLACK are more properly seen as a search for professional metal detector. This unit and the relevant capabilities and equipment. Therefore, it is worth a look for those who spend most of their time devoted to the search.
Metal detector Fisher F75 Special Edition BLACK-this is the same famous metal detector Fisher F75 only with the new high-speed processor, with new modes and advanced equipment.
So, the main differences between the metal detector Fisher F75 Special Edition BLACK from Fisher F75:
More powerful and faster processor DSP
2-a new mode of operation
Boost Process-this mode allows you to increase the detection depth when looking for small objects.
Locating your Cache Process-improves search items at great depths (designed for large installations)
Of course, this is just a basic difference!!!


Short characteristic of the metal detector Fisher F75 Special Edition BLACK:
Food-4 batteries type AA
Opening hours (continuous)-30 hours
Working temperature from- -20 up to +50
Polyphony-8 tones
Working frequency-13 kHz
PinPoint mode (accurate target acquisition)-there are
Built-in speaker-there are


Technical characteristics

Working principle of VLF
The main working frequency 13 kHz
Power supply 4 x AA-batteries
Battery life up to 30 hours
Weight,  1.6 kg
Soil salinity range of ferrite to salt, inclusive
3 search modes
Discrimination is
Weight,  1.6 kg
Type batteries 4 x AA (included)
Battery life up to 40 hours
Manual sensitivity adjustment (0-99)
Ground Balancing (mode), auto, manual
Programme of work 4
Made in: United States
Warranty: 2 years