nexus coronado ground fix metal detector review

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nexus coronado ground fix metal detector review – Nexus Coronado Groundfix – metal detector tuned to resonance with the  induction balance, working in the audio frequency range and is designed for use on both conventional soil and beaches with salt water.

Nexus Coronado Ground fix works continuously discrimination and sensitivity level. Coronado Ground fix – Metal is a general-purpose, able to find both small and large targets at a maximum depth. Coronado Ground fix operates on a “plug and go” refers to the type of metal detectors with automatic groundwater balance (three levels).

Different levels of automatic balance to earth customized for different mineral content in Soil.

Coronado Ground fix metal detector is a high rate of recovery.
Its versatility allows use in most places around the world, including places with black sand.

At Coronado Ground fix excellent depth penetration and high accuracy of discrimination. Coronado detector to detect a single coin on a 40 cm depth limit underground or small objects of 1.5 mm in diameter (very small particles of metal).

Coronado Ground fix metal detector with extremely low birth weight (1.3 kg with 8 AA batteries) .
C Coronado Ground fix easy to learn and work to achieve excellent results, it does not require prior experience of searching.
Features Nexus Coronado Ground fix – excellent depth penetration and discrimination.

For Nexus Coronado Ground fix suitable coil: Standard, Gold, Silver, Hoard, Nexus Gold.

Nexus Coronado Air Test

Technical data:

Frequency range depending on the model of the coil: 4.2 – 18 kHz.
Up to 35 hours intermittent use with 8 AA batteries.
Standard coil 6 “x2 (Dual Concentric overlap allows immersion)
Design Protection Coils: ABS resin fiberglass.
Automatic control of the balance of land recorded in 3 levels
The volume control in conjunction with power switch.
Automatic sensitivity adjustment.
Weight (with coil): 1.3 kg. (With batteries)
Audio: Speaker or headphone jack.
Audio Frequency Adjustable
Power 12V (8 x AA)
Optimum temperature range -20 ° to +60 ° C
The optimal humidity range of 0 to 85% RH

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