nokta golden king dpr plus gold detector

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nokta golden king dpr plus gold detector


The emergence of underground radar search Golden King DPR Plus has led many fans treasure hunt relieved . And this is not surprising, because no analogues in the world device has powerful advantages over their peers in this segment of production.

Metal detector Golden King DPR Plus – new generation device that allows you to locate objects at a depth of soil layers up to 12 meters . It is important to know that the mineralization of the soil does not affect the performance of the device , as the device has an automatic shutoff noise and debris from the air .

Golden King Plus 3D metal detectors

Technical features and characteristics of a metal detector Golden King DPR Plus


Receiving a signal from the transmitter unit to a special screen device accurately captures 3D image of the object at a depth of 12 meters. The picture is quite clear the nature of the object, its size , it is clear from what is made of metal . Excellent determines the device and underground cavities , such as basements , graves, mounds, underground structures of archaeological importance .

Nokta Engineering Applied technology allows shooting and recording in real time , which means high-speed data processing. But the size of the object can be easily manipulated image , turning it from all sides, which makes it possible to define more clearly the pattern graphic 3D.

Electromagnetic signal transmitted buried deep underground object is easily detected by the device and instantly captures it in the display . This makes it possible to search for treasures in areas that were previously considered inaccessible. Radar Metal Golden King DPR Plus delivers on the screen length and width of the object , given the amplitude of the signal determines the depth of the underground.


Golden King Metal Detector


Grade radar Golden King DPR Plus:


– Built-in ARM9 -based microprocessor ;
– Color monitor 7 ” TFT 264000 having a high image quality;
– Special protection from the sun – a system Anti Glare;
– Headphones and night vision camera, making it possible to carry out research in caves, catacombs, cellars.
High result prospecting possible only when there metal detector Golden King DPR Plus.

golden king plus

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nokta golden king dpr plus gold detector

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