Search for underwater treasures – treasure hunting

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Search for underwater treasures

Look under water with the metal detector may be good particularly that these areas are filled with ancient treasures, which are not detected by these are often treasures’s
If you have a House and a car and a metal detector, you have done two outings, you probably know what is free search in fields and forests. But did you try to search underwater? Will be very surprised at how could be promising. To this day, our oceans and seas, lakes and rivers contain many treasures under water, that human life is not enough to find even a part of everything.
Because if lifting from the bottom of each wreck and arranged in a flat line. Imagine the tonnage Armada, which now stands at least 300 million tons, all underwater treasures. And it’s only Lloyd ‘s, not so long ago, when compared with old times and fleets if you calculate human history on the subject of mobility in General.

Search for underwater treasures - treasure hunting



Underwater detection

Another type of underwater searches, referring instead to the kind of archaeological excavation, study of ancient settlements, which went under water. Many of these places on our planet. It’s interesting that often cause flooding of settlements was a dangerous earthquake activity places chosen for construction.
Stand alone and stay hidden secrets even the smallest type of freshwater bodies. They have to bevel the bottom is often not following the storms with the ebb and flow. Is water which may affect you long-familiar, like rivers, lakes and ponds. The store, which is preserved to this day in the unknown treasures under water. It’s interesting that some people believe deliberately water storage any secrets or wealth. The advantages here are obvious, you want something to hide, and you don’t have to go deep into the Earth. Simply drop this at the bottom of the river or Lake, and all. Such cases are not rare when someone wanted to get rid of different objects or even gold, throwing them in the water. Also, these items were cleared after removing from the water.
If you don’t know where to look for treasures in such places, then look around. You can see some interesting signs, beautiful trees standing offshore? or somewhere unexpected River suddenly seems torn between rock hidden deep depth? These signs may indicate a hidden treasure near these will take a special treasure that resides there to this day, waiting for the owner.
You should know that the key to your enemy when illustrating search underwater treasures fresh water. Even with a good metal detector height from the bottom of the comment can solve the exact location of the topic. In this case, that was not something that will help you mark the location of the treasure, white flags for example. They should be immediately stuck in the ground once the reagent provided nothing. Does not interfere with the hand down the River, and there could be anything from broken glass, trap (or river of the world II). In this case you need to be the subject in this case is not an excuse of losing or breaking things. In shallow depth make good use of semi bucket chain anchors, this metal with stone-headache. The bucket must be for you to dump your opinion, they do not carry over, and you just go out for a breath of air.
If you have decided to search for the treasure of the master was once submerged in water, then you should immediately think about the possible dimensions of water. Here you can, for example, found nothing but a river or Lake filled with sand and silt. Imagine that this underwater treasure – a heavy box or chest in the castle that you don’t raise your hands. And of course, you can’t make it without weight combinations such as cranes, boats are good.