Security systems are easy to install For homes

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Security systems are easy to install For homes


Reduce cost and work via the Internet and mobile

As long as the installation of the security systems of professional competence so that men with self, the construction of an electronic shield around your home and monitor from the command-and-control center. This is at least proposed commercials always. But it seems that a new generation of home security systems are easy to install, without the need for professional help, which means a reduction in the cost of traditional warning systems by taking advantage of technologies such as wireless communication and sensors operating on batteries. 


Security systems are easy to install. For homes


The system of company «sshalage» allows to control the locks by phones (New York Times photo service)

Some of these systems allow even monitor your home and monitor it yourself using a browser on a computer, or a mobile phone. Here’s a look into new ways to make your home is protected.


The first line of Defense


 The companies such as «any DDT» and «brinks» fully equipped final submission warning at subsidized prices, but the monthly fee for this control overwhelm the rebates. With such systems usually wiring at home, although some features such as video surveillance and monitoring 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, the majority of these qualities and features can be replicated and installed yourself by number kits.


And the best of make-your-own ‘ services» this is it wireless. While savoring some holes in walls and doors, the majority preferred wireless battery operated sensors attached to Windows that they regard as a major achievement.


Says John Biggs in the New York Times newspaper that there are a number of simple security tools can be added to any home without any complexity, each costing $ 10 only. The «GE» sell a number of cheap products under the name «g any smart home» GE Smart Home)) including automatic Profiler Lite Kit» for automatic lighting ($ 25) with alarm for Windows and doors easy to install ($ 12) which comes out loud when open. And this is the best solution for storage rooms, wardrobes, as well as Gates and Windows preferred kept closed for safety and security.


The «General Motors» also sells alarms for door bumpers ($ 10) that are active to work when someone tries to open the door. And the fact that these devices are placed on the ground, such as fenders, it does not require any installation. Travellers can use them as alarms on the doors of hotel rooms.

 Strong security systems

 For those who wish to do some work, there is full security systems that only require a little effort to install, but don’t cost a little over the long term, compared to professional systems, given the cost control fee almthaodh. Such crews equipped with multiple sensors, including small extensions that monitor Windows and doors, as well as pursuer. Most require little or none of the tools. The double-side tape install most sensors in place, and some are designed for residents of apartments not wishing to damage paint on doors or Windows.


The majority of these systems are completely wireless. With the exception of base stations or central to a landline, all sensors, buttons and keypads rely on network «Wi-Fi or other wireless technologies to deploy network-wide around houses and apartments.


The company «laser shield» sell Kit cost $ 700 and includes base station, and wireless sensors for Windows and doors and having, as well as control buttons on collar keys and smoke detector. Related to company monitoring service through a telephone line, despite the availability of mobile phone connection. And control service costs about $ 30 per month. You can add to each wireless cameras and flood detector, to warn of water that may accumulate in low places, like underground infrastructure roles.


Other company believes “live shield» the same services for $ 300, including eight sensors, zaak warning detector when there is smoke, with a central station and a series of keys to control and management. You can monitor the system from afar for $ 20 per month on your network, or you can pay a “live shield» $ 30 per month to monitor your system. Plan control yourself, receive alerts via text messages or e-mail, you can also control the security system and managed from any computer connected to the Internet.


For the security system of make-your-own ” stores» a wireless security system «que-SI» available on sites like for $ 60. Kit includes five door sensors, and motion detectors, and two key chains. Instead of warning anyone, called «que-SI» high pitched warning may be enough to scare thieves and casual.


Finally, there is the «simbli Sayyaf» system monitoring and control new price starts from $ 200, especially if several mobile Kit for residents of the apartments, or spending $ 300 on the full number crews equipped with four sensors for doors, with a special button to intimidation, and feeling for tracking and detecting movement. And when you are moving within your accommodation you can simply remove the sensors, and then re-installed while leaving using sided bar. Monitoring service cost for this machine is $ 15 per month, and do not require a telephone line, but using wireless cellular phone plug to stay in touch with the observer service «simbli Sayyaf».


Video security systems

For those seeking security through video, each of these crews have a video option. The main companies producing network cameras such as «gt» also intervention began in the area of domestic security through products able to control your property from afar. And put a new set of cameras «» GT in August (August) which will allow you to put cameras inside and outside the home, and receive alerts by email and text messaging, when revealed something moves in Visual space.

There is a company called «vitamin» her free program can convert any network camera, and some wireless video cameras to security cameras allowing for your home as a home security system that sends electronic messages when the software detects unusual activity.

 Other means

In addition to the warnings there are many methods to update security for front housing section, making the closing company «sshalage» for example series «link» of locks that are pressing buttons and connect wirelessly with the central station within your home to allow you to close the door and open it remotely over the Internet through a computer or mobile phone smart. This system also allows you to connect cameras and lighting systems to the automatic programming times of this lighting, thus opening a window of time to keep the door is not closed. Prices here start from $ 300 for the initial crews from this group, and a padlock through the primary to replace your lock, Central station, and a small box of automatic control lights.

And «koiksit» of «black & Decker» similar features and is available for $ 350. It is like «sshalage» can be run either by a computer, or a Smartphone.

Additional useful features for these locks from the next generation is their ability to develop temporary encodings. Given that many new models have locks and apertures can be authored by special symbols to guests, or as service contractors. And when they left the building, can write off and cancel these codes to prevent them from entering again.

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