bounty hunter elite 2200 metal detector

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Bounty hunter elite 2200 metal detector limited edition design in black, complete analog FISHER F-2. Since the first day of searching results will amaze you. There are five patterns of discrimination, customizable by pressing the touch of a button. Deviation from the land – automatic, it does not lose sensitivity. When you turn on the device, power monitoring and automatic.

bounty hunter elite 2200 metal detector


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Due to the liquid crystal display can get all the information about the detected metal object. Position of the arrow on the screen under the corresponding digital display, consisting of nine bands, according to the detected target. Quad-band audio signal and digital integrated pointer confirms the found object. Five-segment display shows the depth of it. Function ‘ZAP’ designed for instant removal of unnecessary response object. Coil used in the device, interchangeable, you can optionally use a 4-and 10-inch. Adjustable armrest and Rod are designed for children and adults. In operation, the device weighs only 1300 grams, so it’s perfect for beginners and kids.

bounty hunter elite 2200 metal detector


Specifications bounty hunter elite 2200 metal detector

Detects coin-sized object at a depth of 20-25 cm, large objects to a depth of 90 cm
Search coil 20 cm; Operating weight – 1.2 kg.
Automatic “Ground-Trac”, without loss of sensitivity.
Dynamic modes: “All metals”, “DISC”, “NOTCH” – for manual or automatic avoid undesired group of objects.
Function “ZAP” to remember and out unwanted objects.
Touch switches changes the level of “sensitivity” and “discrimination.”
LCD monitor has a 9-segment target identification by type.
5-segment LED depth of the object.
4 beep tone for different kinds of metals.
A standard headphone jack.
Battery status indicator Power (power Crohn 9-2 pcs.).
Search coil 20 cm; Operating weight – 1.2 kg.