Soil moisture and a halo effect on metal detectors

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Soil moisture and a halo effect on metal detectors

Metal detectors are very sensitive to any change in the composition of the soil and the air, may be affected by air extreme , and also can affect the sun and the reflected rays , are affected by salinity and mineralization of the ground , and the humidity is positive in some cases to increase the capacity of detecting metal objects.

It is believed that the moisture content in the soil leads to better performance of the detector . Is this true in almost all cases , but circumstances may arise so that it may be desirable and undesirable phenomenon. As with most things in this fast changing world , there are many variables for the effectiveness of metal detectors will work in various humidity conditions . Fortunately , they can be reduced to a common denominator that would help simplify the graph curves , pointing to factors related to soil moisture .

Air tests of the detector is able to detect different target values ​​give frequent and persistent , because many of these factors are simply not affected . In the land of a lot of things need to be analyzed. First, the aura- stain- oxidation of the metal body affect performance significantly depth which can be detected from the target. Oxidized and therefore the most metal objects form a halo around directly in the soil throughout the body. The resulting oxides in the soil ( with the characteristic reddish brown color ) make the soil and allows the ongoing project in the best way ” electrical contact ” with the soil. Even one of these conditions increases clearly the depth of object detection , and both – give a greater effect . If you have created in the test track ( with coins buried ), you can speed up the process by simply watering metal body concentrated brine , as well as the soil around it. This will help to ” develop ” electrical contact of the object with the soil , but the halo is formed .

Iron – metal halo high-resolution ( due to the presence of water , and oxides ) . Also a copper coins relatively large halo of silver – a very small , while the gold of things it really is not . Thus, you will be detected from the old rusted iron with a large halo , respectively, at a depth of greater than , for example, a silver coin , lain so long in the land.

Taking into account this information , the increase in the amount of moisture in the soil also increase the depth of detection of objects , but not in direct proportion . Moisture will give the greatest impact on the iron objects and objects with the highest and lowest halo – for silver and gold. And more moisture in the soil , and the high conductivity of the soil. Also, the moisture can be better conductivity metal objects in the ground. Accordingly, the search of ancient silver coins in the soil with a lot of iron nails should be implemented dry soil as possible. Rainwater iron nails ” electrically active ” to a much greater extent than silver, and give gland biggest advantage : the conditions is highly desirable for us. The opposite is true : If you want to find the exact things iron , saturated ground humidity provides the greatest opportunity for research.

Mineral soil is very difficult another factor is added moisture. Wet earth minerals – in itself a good conductor , causing the metal detector to ” search ” in the soil, and can really be blind and not see the true metal objects (masks ). In areas of high mineralization are advised to look for in the best possible dry conditions . An example would be on the ocean beach . Many metal detectors in a stable condition in dry sandy stretches of beach. If it starts to rain, so that the dry sand gets wet, reduced most significantly search capabilities in these circumstances unless special treatment to include ” compensation of salt. ” It is not always clear what we are soil conditions , so you first need to look in the wet, then dry the soil to get a sample of how the device works in a particular area . Sites with low mineralization with rare results are ideal for work in wet soil conditions . Find freshwater beach  – is an example of the ” ideal scenario ” , which allows to consider the maximum depth .

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