Top 5 largest gold mining company in the world

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Top 5 largest gold mining company in the world

The history of gold is as old as the world . But what remains constant in this chaotic world – this is what has always existed and will exist leading companies in the gold mining industry. Today’s leading gold mining company operating worldwide , and their shares are traded on various stock exchanges of the world .


Although the rating “TOP -5 largest gold mining company in the world ” was made by the greatest volume of gold production , the article also discusses the company and other indicators.

Barrick Gold Company

Top 5 largest gold mining company in the world



Barrick Gold Company- North American- this is one of the world’s largest gold mining companies. The Corporation is also a leader in using the most advanced technologies in the mining and processing of gold. Barrick Gold engaged in the exploration , development around the world and owns gold mines, 26 in the United States , Canada, South America , Africa and Australia. Besides gold mining company develops projects for platinum group metals and nickel , and other minerals produced and produces a variety of metals , particularly silver, copper . This industrial giant also has interests in the oil and gas sector . The company has low production costs and smaller debts , with high sales volumes . The Company applies the futures market instruments to hedge ( insurance ) risk reduction in the price of gold.

Year of foundation in 1983 , the head office is located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Shares of Barrick Gold Corporation traded on NYSE, the trading symbol ABX.

 Newmont meningitis Company

Top 5 largest gold mining company in the world



Newmont Mining Corporation is primarily engaged in exploration and production of gold worldwide. Newmont Corporation – the second in the world and the largest in North America gold producer . The company conducts mining operations in the United States, Australia, Peru , Indonesia, Ghana , Canada, Bolivia, Uzbekistan , Mexico and New Zealand. In early 2010, Newmont probable gold reserves estimated at about 80-90 million ounces and annual gold production exceeded 6 million ounces. Newmont Mining Corporation is also engaged in the production of silver and copper. Almost 50 % of the metal produced companies located in North and South America. The company has consistently focused on the development of technological solutions to improve the process of the entire chain of full production of metals. Possessing many fields , located on five continents , the Group continues to expand and its exploration activities in countries such as Turkey , Kyrgyzstan and other countries.

The company was founded in 1916, the company’s headquarters until February 1989 was located in New York , but was later moved to Denver , Colorado. The company has a large number of joint ventures. In enterprises Newmont employs over 10,000 people. Shares of Newmont Mining Corporation wrapped on the exchange NYSE, trading symbol NEM. The company became the first gold company , which was included in the Fortune 500 , and its shares were also included in the first global stock index S & P 500 Index and the DJ Sustainability World.

 GoldCorp company

Top 5 largest gold mining company in the world


GoldCorp Corporation Inc, is not the first year is one of the world leaders in the production of gold. It is engaged in the exploration, development and operation of precious metal deposits in North, Central and South America, and Australia . The company is involved in the production and sale of gold , silver and copper. GoldCorp has stakes in several joint ventures. Gold output of constantly growing and now has grown to 2.5 million ounces a year . The plans of the gold mining company in the next five years to increase gold production by approximately 60 %. The Company strives to continue to be not only growing , have a low cost gold, but their activities have minimal impact on the environment.

GoldCorp Inc was founded in 1954, is headquartered in Vancouver , Canada. Shares traded Exchange NYSE, trading symbol GG.

kinross gold company

Top 5 largest gold mining company in the world


Kinross Gold, through its subsidiaries, operates in the field of gold mining and related activities . The company is involved in the exploration and acquisition of gold deposits in the mining and processing of gold ore , and is engaged in the disposal of waste rock ores. The main activities carried out in Canada, the United States , Brazil, Ecuador , Chile and the Russian Far East . Kinross Gold maintains a high level of safety and seeks to minimize the impact on the environment where there is its production. The company has created a major program “Generations of Gold “, which aims to develop talented and have a high potential employees , candidates for leadership positions .

Kinross Gold Corporation was founded in 1993 and has since grown largest gold reserves to the fourth Gold Mining in North America. Proven and probable reserves are estimated at about 50 million ounces of gold and 100 million ounces of silver. Kinross is based in Toronto, Canada , the staff around 5500 people worldwide . The company’s shares are traded on the Toronto Stock Exchange and the Stock Exchange NYSE, trading symbol TSX: K, NYSE: KGC.

Agnico-Eagle Mines Company

Top 5 largest gold mining company in the world


Agnico-Eagle Mines Limited , through its subsidiaries, is involved in the exploration, development and production of gold in Canada ( Quebec ) , northern Finland , northern Mexico and the United States . Its LaRonde mine is the largest operating mines in Canada , in terms of gold reserves. Agnico-Eagle is one of the most efficient gold mining companies , has a solid financial position and a stable income , and constant increase gold reserves. The company plans to enter the annual gold production of more than 1 million ounces per year. The company is actively working on control systems and processes at all stages of activities to preserve and protect the environment.

In 1953, five companies joined together in company Cobalt Consolidated Mining, and after reorganization and eventually merge with other gold mining companies in 1972 formed Agnico-Eagle Mines Ltd. The company is based in Toronto, Canada . The company’s shares are traded on the New York Stock Exchange and the Toronto Stock Exchange , trading symbol AEM.