DDS L6 PRO B gold detector

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DDS L6 PRO B gold detector

DDS L6 PRO B gold detector

DDS L6 PRO B gold detector

High-tech for location long distance, that has the ability to accurately determine various types of precious metals, such as: gold, silver, copper, diamonds and gold nuggets. This detector of gold and precious metals to long distance is the leader in its class.
Specifically designed as a detector of precious metals, which have been lost or buried long ago. The machine gives one the opportunity not only to search for gold nuggets, but various other types of metals.
The detector is equipped with special filtration system of quartz that filters the wide range of the matrix of frequencies and allows the search for gold and silver with type metals different carats, which is a positive thing for the localization of precious metals. It’s a machine that emits stable frequency with quartz closest to 1 Hz, giving you the ability to search more accurate.
The system has integrated microprocessor and software, that allows the user to drive the frequency of Quartz. The operator can adjust and set this precision instrument and find many metals with different methods of reprogramming.
To adjust and save different frequencies of quartz or adjustment of the frequency at the time of labour or a simple rotation of the frequencies already stored Quartz. The operator can confirm the received signal that is emitted by the transmitter, with its products of rods L, even that basic structure and different levels of mineralization of the Earth, here is where this digital quartz-stable system gives excellent results in gross and such rough terrain and soils.
This instrument also includes the human factor and therefore all measurements with different operators may have different levels of sensitivity.
For example, if an operator can locate 1 kg of gold up to 3 km, another operator can achieve the same result with no more than 2 km ahead. It is the same with the distance and depth, if the first operator found 1 kg of gold to a depth of 30 meters, and the second operator with less practice is the same size of gold, but at only 20 m depth.
Due to the precision and power of this detector allows people that have never before used this type of instrument to work successfully with it. Literature instruction and how to work with the unit are very detailed and expanded for a better understanding.
Thanks to its affordable price you won’t need you to search metal detectors rental places.