Deep Sea Treasure Finds Hunters Recently Found Sunken Treasure Lost Treasures in the Ocean

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According to archaeologists and scholars, we investigated only less 5 percent underwater worlds. This means that at the bottom of our seas lie sunken treasures, boats, whole cities built a century ago and, above all, the substance of which we didn’t even know existed. Therefore, the sea around the world is still full of mysteries, as well as a space where alien life forms might be lurking in areas that we have not yet managed to explore.

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Usually its the most can be found in the sea. Not at the seaside and in the truest sense of the large deep blue ocean. Experts found that almost all of the pyramids, in Bermuda in Kailash in Tibet, A team of scientists using deep water work exploring the ocean floor, treasure of lost ships – boats that have sank with treasure.

was discovered in the year 1900 pearls seekers. The mechanism has been extracted from the remains of the shipwreck in Greece. This is one of the strangest and most amazing things ever to be raised from the bottom of the sea, because the mechanism was presumably built in the second century BC. Another reason is that many consider him to be the world’s oldest computer, due to the fact that the device was expected to schedule the movement of planets and the passage of years. However, the use of or the actual function of the device remains unclear. He was named the world’s first computer only due to the complexity of its design.

The existence of the ancient Egyptian ruler Cleopatra in Alexandria, has eluded many. In 1998 year, archeologists have finally discovered the part of the world, which was lost for civilization for 1600 years. The remains are on our list of strange finds, as was proposed by the project of the Museum of the city of Cleopatra, which will become the world’s first underwater Museum to ensure that the public can see it intact.

From Sphinxes and temples and statues to parts of the Palace, which is presumed to be scientists, belonged to the Cleopatra, a large part of the city is surprisingly well preserved and is in almost perfect condition. The United Nations insists that the city remained underwater on the spot to save his place in history. That is why in the development plan is a special Museum beneath the Bay of Alexandria. It will include the construction of tunnels at the Museum for tourists to see the city and its remains.

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