gold finder pro metal detectors

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gold finder pro metal detectors

gold finder pro


Specifications gold finder detector

Gives information about the target machine Navigator on the digital screen digital
Specifies the depth of the target Finder
The possibility of improving and strengthening the reference
Multiple options to control the process of target detection for clear and precise positioning
Deals with intelligent targets and depths
High sensitivity of the target Finder control allergic reactions by goal
Effects of different electromagnetic interferences cancel for soil
All the indicators and the readings appear on the screen in detail

 Secret To Finding Gold Nuggets

Depth: depends on many factors such as soil quality and electromagnetic effects, but the device provider to deal intelligently with all different effects to ensure that the reference to the target
Multiple device options can be controlled easily on the screen, including the allocation of a specific metal search – removal of iron from detection to change the audio settings, lighting and other allergies
Automatic calibration system for soil type
Not affected by mineral soils and rocks basalt


Discover gold and metal value and gold ore, caves and tombs
Gives the minutes when there is a goal
Metal non-cancellation system value the search process


Hardware components

Key disk
The main processing unit
A gold ore
Load lever
Disk DVD-video training
Lithium battery
Bag to carry device
Home charger
General warranty
Car charger
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