GPR PRO800 detectors for gold

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Can GPR detect treasure?

Ground-penetrating radar (GPR) can be a valuable tool for detecting buried objects and anomalies beneath the ground. While GPR can be effective in locating buried structures, utilities, and geological features, its ability to detect treasure, such as gold, coins, or jewelry, can be more limited.

GPR works by sending and receiving radar pulses into the ground and creating a detailed subsurface image based on the reflections and echoes from different materials and objects. It can detect changes in soil composition, voids, and anomalies, but the detection of small, individual metal objects like coins or jewelry may be more challenging with standard GPR equipment.

However, specialized GPR systems and software, such as those designed specifically for archaeological or treasure-hunting applications, may offer improved capabilities for detecting and identifying buried treasures. Additionally, combining GPR with other metal detecting techniques or survey methods can enhance the chances of finding buried treasures.

Overall, while GPR can be a useful tool in archaeological surveys and subsurface investigations, its effectiveness in detecting buried treasure may vary depending on various factors, including the size, composition, and depth of the target objects. Successful treasure hunting often requires a combination of technologies, expertise, and experience in interpreting the data and conducting thorough on-site investigations.

GPR PRO800 detectors for gold


GPR PRO800 detectors for gold

The idea of the device
The device works by the modern global system innovative scientific and geological survey system is the new device works quickly and distinctive technology to detect targets quickly REAL TIME which gives the device speed and extra strength gives him to discover all the treasures with complete precision and outstanding performance.
New technical device has a built-in smart identifiers in electronic chip minutes sensitivity function references to purification device of unwanted impurities.

A GPR Pro 800 painterly art

This system works on the transmitter and receiver to send to GIO electric waves shockwaves powerful, integrated by the receiver can determine the direction and path of the target and link it through power line connector purpose and point of presence and depth with precision and ease.
We can work on radar imaging system in real time, direct more than painterly system, we deliver ground-scanner (radar alsensor) we bring to him the device has its own entrance, and then connect the device with your laptop via Bluetooth and then we open disclosure program installed on your computer and set desired detection system research and then identify the same chosen on your system and confirm it by pressing OK and then start scanning these keys and key within the section on control system of radar imagery, At this time we have sensitive radar scanner towards the soil after the ground 15 cm for filming their show results directly on your laptop screen presence or absence of goals and if any explanation, depth and size, there are other photographic survey programmes through which we scan the entire area, store wiping your computer’s memory and analysis survey intermediary analysis program to see objective 3D vision and 2D and see the depth of the target size, shape, and type , Or you can use the device without the laptop, and detection by electromagnetic wave radar chose for this system, and if this wave hit any metal device gives us a sound alert to the presence of metal in the ground.
Details and components
The main unit of the device (main CPU)
And composed of:• To adjust the screen device options list
• Programmable control panel touch
• Power switch
• Sensitive alsensor entrance
• Ground connector input
• Speaker input
• Gateway charger + light to indicate charging
• Entrance to the algiostik tool
• Light alone sending information over a Bluetooth device installed
• Automatic light turns on while the device is running the Bluetooth work
• Lighting Panel to clarify the action while connectivity with Bluetooth laptop
• External speaker output
• Sensitive radar unit (alsensor), (for the audio system and radar imaging)
• Handle tool control unit (giostik), (to work on graphic manual system) Bluetooth module (US) found in your computer to receive information (to work on graphic system
• Headphones
• Home electric Charger 12 volt
• 12 volt car charger
• Laptop provider search software installed
• Carrying case and save to your device and its accessories complete shock-proof
• Strap carry bag
• Manuals in several languages including Arabic
• CD tutorial for how to use the device
• Ensure international for three years
• Ensure the results almasanay for three years.
Use tasks
• Device uses integrated and comprehensive detection systems for exploration and detection of subsoil and suitable for fishing operations:
• detectors for gold and burials with 3D visualization and 3D caves
• Mapping infrastructure for land 3D three-dimensional
• Search for water
• Prospecting for nuggets and gold ore
• Land infrastructure survey
• Industrial requirements as locating pipes and wires buried and concrete
• Equipped with property and technical distinction between metals and choosing the type of metal you want to find the search began before
• Works in all forms and types of terrain and soils no matter how hard and rocky, metallic and salty
• Waterproof prevents water leakage to the inside, and shock protector
• Entirely is not affected telecommunication stations, and high power lines high pressure
• Works on internal battery lithium ion rechargeable 12 Volt to work for 48 hours
• Explore to a depth of 15 to 20 m with accuracy in all soil conditions
• Machine weight complete with all its accessories in the accessory carrying case is 4.50 kg only
• Unit weight exactly the main processing is 2300 kg only.
• A knowledge of the existence of the objective area 3 km and specify the path to the goal within two minutes only
• The system works through LCD HD system and a special section of the touch keyboard is on the left side of the control panel
• Clear screen and displays the results and data detection and specifying the type and name of the metal and blasted, and signal strength battery
Discover Golden goals and metal, with the possibility to specify the type of metal you want to find to have discovered it and determines its trajectory and prestige during the 11 minutes however deep metal and beyond
• Discovers) gold, silver, bronze, brass, aluminum, diamonds, lead, iron, and caves and spaces) with an optional system.
• Detects metal and blanks to a depth of 15-20 meters under the ground
• Specify the location and depth of the goal thoroughly through a triple alayaad on the screen
Graphic gunnery system specifications
• This system works on the technical definition of radar wave soundtrack, so this system imaging underground and give report and complete definition of the cleared area with radar system
• Gives coordinates about geology, soil stiffness, and their contents and spaces and things buried their treasures and clarify effects directly on the laptop
• Connect linking this system with laptop by Bluetooth and data shows the coordinates of survey, detection directly on your laptop to watch in real time
• The integrated microprocessor system property and soil balance automatic, automatic smart and modern property while passing alsensor radar on any type of soil characteristic of artificial intelligence automatic programming
• This system gives us a clear picture of the target shape underground to see the three-dimensional and two-dimensional, flat and sideways
• Defining target size strictly underground if a vacuum or graves, shows its beginning and its end, although metal shows size, form and how to posture
• Works on the operating frequency range is 9, 35 MHz
• Provider and works on Bluetooth 2.0

Works on pictorial systems:

• Scan system and automatic shelf photography stores this full survey system are processed and analyzed on the laptop, works automatically with five automatic options chosen can be controlled through device: 10 radar covering a longitudinal distance radar covering 3 m length 6 meters
• 30 radar longitudinal distance cover 9 m
• 40 radar covering a distance of 12 meters length 50 radar covering a distance of 15 meters length
• Scanning and imaging system manual shelf 30 radar used to detect and clear a limited area the user can control the radar waves sent through the algiostik tool (separate tool device found by a button press)
• Graphic gunnery system to watch in real time on laptop screen

GPR PRO800 detectors for gold

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