Hobby Search with a metal detector

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Hobby Search with a metal detector

Hundreds of thousands of people around the world believe hobby search with a metal detector (metal detecting hobby) Worthy and fascinating hobby . It’s really modern and exciting hobby that with the advent of the first industrial metal detectors in the mid-20th century, every year is gaining popularity. In our time, these tech computerized devices are becoming more and more high-quality, able to determine the type of metal, provide information about the depth of the findings and make it easy to locate caches , treasure , coins, relics and gold nuggets in the ground and under water.

Search with a metal detector is close in popularity , interest and excitement to such ancient human pursuits like fishing and hunting. These interests united by the idea of hunting and excitement that attracts and draws more and more. Treasure hunting is as old as the world , and if not found there , and the treasures of lost things , then there will always be willing to find them.

Hobby Search with a metal detector

Hobby Search with a metal detector

The finds are thrilling , unforgettable moments in the hobbies that people want to experience again and again. This adds to the adrenalin and stimulates new searches . The greater the age of discovery , so it is more valuable and expensive. It is a historical relic or artifact. These findings raise your credibility among fellow hobby and take you up in his own eyes .

To each his own

The man , passionate about his occupation , does not notice the time and could hold him all day. This is known to everyone who has an interesting hobby. The popularity and interest in the search with a metal detector is constantly stimulated by new discoveries and information about existing , but not found treasures and secret places .

However, as with any other hobby , searching with a metal detector has its own secrets and tricks. Treasure hunters prefer to keep secret their favorite places for good reason – a popular and lucrative occupation breeds competition.

Search with a metal detector is so exciting hobby that may eventually become part of the lifestyle . Think about it , if the search engine has found and became the owner of something really valuable or expensive , then he will stop in front of another journey , another journey , another boon ? That’s right, do not stop ! The next trip is bound to be , and then it will be next . Is not it a way of life ?

What to look for? Where to look ?

People always used to carry money , wore gold and silver jewelry , talismans . Of course, part of the lost or otherwise got in the ground or under water. Hiding valuables and money , which will eventually turn into treasure if their owner for unknown reasons does not take them or lose them right .

Weapons and relics remained on the ground fighting and hunting people. There were naval battles and shipwrecks and disasters . At these places you can still find treasures and relics. The treasure must be understood in the literal sense as ” hidden from observation .” Treasure can be anything – from low-value items to priceless relics.

It is no secret that there is a failure. A fisherman may struggle to catch the hunter of prey, and a search engine with a bunch of trash in a backpack . It should be remembered that after the failure should always be lucky. The door will not open up to someone who does not knock it , but can not find one who is looking. The key to success is patience , persistence , perseverance and loyalty to his idea and dream. Do not give up after the failures ! Only weak-willed person can do it . Possession of information and skills lie on the same scales with luck , and they will do the job !

Who warned and aware – is forearmed !

Just have a metal detector does not mean a lot . Information , knowledge and experience – first and foremost. Who warned and aware – is forearmed ! Search with a metal detector starts with a study of future space travel and research , gather information about the future of search and location of potential findings from different sources. This can be reliable information about historical events , old maps , legends , newspapers , magazines, photos and video , media , Internet, information from witnesses and associates on a hobby , the information from his own observations .

Simultaneously with the knowledge you need to accumulate experience . You must select and buy a metal detector and make trips to predefined locations for training or research . It is very important for the hobby. Experience can not be bought , it accumulates over many months , which are then composed in the years to come.

Another important point. If you check out to search outside your home country , you must know the laws of their country, which govern your activities . If you are traveling , you have to know the laws of other countries, if you do not want to get in trouble or danger

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