How much is a meteorite ?

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How much is a meteorite ? – Trade flourished and meteorites in the last century , but with the advent of metal detectors to search for meteorites and the growing number of fans hobby search of meteorites or ” hunting for meteorites in recent years has become quite common in business , generating considerable income to vendors and huge damage to science. Many really valuable from a scientific point of view, meteorites simply do not fall into the hands of researchers , settling in private collections.

Currently in search of meteorites are interested museums and universities around the world. How much does a meteorite to science and the arts ? Museums and universities are sometimes forced to spread a lot of money for rare artifacts and specimens for research. They just have no other choice.

Meteorites can now be bought and sold at auction over the Internet, at scientific meetings , and even in antique shops . How much did it cost meteorite ?

How much is a meteorite ?
On the internet you can easily find are specialized sites where to buy presents fragments of meteorites , as well as whole meteorites that have cost from $ 0.5 to $ 1,000 per gram . But the price of meteorites are very different.

Meteorites are a very rare commodity, according to their cost is high and is defined as the cost per gram of meteorite material . The cost depends on the type of meteorite meteorite , the size, weight and attractive appearance , which is important.

How much does a particular type of meteorite ?

The cost of iron meteorites is in the range 0.5 $ -5 $ per gram . Stony meteorites are valued more expensive and have a range of cost 2 $ 20 per gram . Cost of unique and rare meteorites , such as meteorites from Mars and the Moon reaches a value of $ 1,000 or more per gram . Meteorites found in Antarctica are virtually inaccessible for purchase.

Pricing actively influence private collectors . They are looking more and more recklessly meteorites for sale. Collectors know that every unique meteorite found ! New meteor and new finds are always so every collector wants now, and will be willing in the future to get a unique meteorite from known and new finds.

Meteorites are significant enough target for investment. The collection of meteorites is not only an object of admiration for the aesthetic and scientific research, but also a powerful monetary potential. How much do you think is a collection of meteorites ? To give an answer to this question is difficult , one can only guess. There is a fact that the collection of meteorites are comparable in value to the collections of jewelry.

Jewelry from meteorites

Speaking of jewelry from meteorites . Since the meteoritic material is quite expensive , rare and unique , some enterprising people build a business on that fact . Meteorites are elements of jewelry. This pendants , pendants , key chains and rings . What is the cost of jewelry from meteorites ? The cost of jewelry from processed meteorites combined with silver, gold and platinum are sometimes comparable to the cost of jewelry with precious stones.

Which I found a meteorite ?

The answer to this question can only give a special organization , which exists in almost every country . Function of the organization – the identification and registration of detected meteors . Identification and registration of meteorites are found with the issuance of a special certificate , or ” passport ” meteorite.

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