PR plus system

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PR plus system 


Us device to detect gold ore!

PR plus system

Your specialist for raw gold only and exclusively, without multi minerals. , A new NPR plus system specializes in the detection of raw gold exclusively for depths up to 5 m and our new is a modern design and high performance, cutting edge technology and we have tried very hard to reach this result through research and many scientific results.

In a NPR plus system set a new standard in detection technology on gold ore with a dizzying array of features and functionality superior to its predecessor, the multi-polar sensor technology available within the device allows to detect gold, various sizes from very small pieces and even large volumes of gold and high accuracy. As you develop and modify this version with more properties up for greater depths during the search.

The device contains features and functionality unique patented winning international, in addition to device control panel feature flexibility and process during use, the device also features can be used on all types of terrain

Easy to use for beginners to advanced in the area of metal detecting and gold. This device is the most appropriate choice if you are looking for gold ore


The device is equipped with these technologies that allows the device to be a clear voice of gold whatever size small.


Search conditions

Position detection of pure gold: this position allows the disclosure gold ore deep pure and high sensitivity.

Gold status in saline areas: this position allows the disclosure gold in areas with relatively saline soils and ocean beaches and other places.

Status of increasing depth: this situation ensure device detection for greater depths up to 5 meters

High sensitivity mode for the device: the device sensitivity have been strengthened to identify more precisely the objectives found in the ground.

Development of automatic calibration of soil: the device is set to perform calibration of soil automatically regardless of the soil type.

A modified audio: new options available within the device to modify the sound or type of force commensurate with personal use.

Hardware components:

Main unit: contains all the operating keys and adjusting and calibrating device

Screen backlight: allows to view device screen at night or at any time during the day with the automatic adjustment to different lighting during daylight hours to save battery consumption

Lightweight battery: lithium type lasts for long working hours

Two types of disks: provided for multiple options to search

A measuring 45 cm

A measuring 25 cm

An additional disc of desire

BR PLUS — 11 inches

Home charger + car charger

Bag to carry and put all the components and the machine parts

Belt for carry machine while prospecting

Help manual in Arabic and English

Card 3 year warranty