xp goldmaxx power metal detector reviews

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metal detector XP GoldMaxx Power includes the successful combination of analog and digital technology , combining the latest developments for the search. Work in this area has led us to the creation of an integrated microprocessor to analyze the different signals. This processor provides both increased power and stability, and improved rejection of unnecessary goals ( trash ) . Due to the frequency of 18kHz search metal detector XP GoldMaxx Power is a powerful universal metal detector for coins and other metal objects .

You will notice that the detector is not difficult to master – we have optimized all the possible settings and expanded multi-tone mode . In metal detector XP GoldMaxx Power no LCD- display , as the human ear perceives and processes the signal faster , and in view of the fact that the response time of the LCD display is large , the image can be greatly delayed and did not correspond to the actual state of affairs.

Metal detector XP GoldMaxx Power in real time respond to even the most minor signals! However, dig or not , it’s up to you. metal detector XP GoldMaxx Power has a new 9 -inch ( 22.5 cm), the coil with a reliable protective coating of carbon fiber. Highly Double-D coils provide a very good signal penetration into the soil. metal detector XP GoldMaxx Power is collected only in France, with high quality materials , which greatly increases the service life compared to other detectors .

xp goldmaxx power metal detector reviews
some improvements

-Connector between the coil and the control unit is resistant to mechanical damage , the contacts are covered with gold leaf.
-Cable with double electromagnetic shielding is also resistant to physical damage.
-PP armrest is very comfortable and durable.
The rod consists of three parts, the bottom is made of steklovolokna.Korpus electronic unit is made of ABS plastic  . For maximum convenience, the unit can be removed and worn on a belt . It can also be attached to the arm or to the top of the bar because of an additional accessory – the XP- 100 .

XP Goldmaxx Power Metal Detector


Key Features:

-Detects object the size of a coin  at a depth of about 30cm
-The limiting sensitivity of about 1m.
-Operating frequency: 18 kHz.
-The principle of operation VLF
– Multi-key discrimination in ” all metal ”
-Gain control for low tone (volume response from black metal).
-Adjustable ground balancing
-Silencer 3 rules to limit spurious signals from the black metal
-Regulator  Threshold iron , you can customize the tone of the response from the objectives of black metal.
-Improving the identification of the target ( through the use of new analog filters) and the acceleration of its detection in contaminated areas with iron
-Radio transmitter for wireless headphones.
-Switch FREQ. SHIFT ( frequency change ) gives the possibility to choose between the two channels for wireless headphones and frequencies between the two search engines , so you can search for treasures without creating problems surrounding the treasure hunter or your friends.
-Two channels for wireless headphones (Ch1/Ch2), all the electronics on board soldered metal detector that can be used wirelessly, without additional devices.
-Very robust cable designed specifically to withstand heavy loads.
-Fully waterproof connector with a rubber stopper.
-Lightweight and rugged . For maximum comfort, a chance to wear the electronics on the belt (included bag carrying case ) . It is also provided for mounting under the armrest .
-Universal bag for carrying electronics on the belt, transforming into the case to the control unit
-Power – Batteries 8pc , AA 1.5 V .
-Weight of the metal detector in working condition – 1.3 kg .

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