Properties and density of gold

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Properties and density of gold

Gold heavy metal (but for the miners – it’s just a huge plus ) . The density of gold is 19621 kilograms per cubic meter . In order to understand how much this much , imagine a ball with a diameter of 46 mm , and its weight of 1 kg . Another example , if you take a liter container full of golden sand , it will weigh about 16 pounds .
Gold responds very well to forging has a high viscosity . An illustrative example from physics. Of a piece of gold weighing one gram can be stretched into a wire length of three kilometers or produce gold foil 500 times smaller than a human hair ( 0.1 microns). When light passes through a foil , it begins to glow a greenish color .

Properties and density of gold Methods of gold extraction
The softness of pure gold is enormous . It can be easily crush hands , scratching fingernail. However, in the manufacture of jewelry ornaments as required strength , it is alloyed with copper and silver .

What to know how much gold added impurities , the composition of these alloys shows sample . It indicates the number of parts by weight per 1000 parts of gold alloy. There is a type of gold with 999.9 – the so -called ” bank gold .” It is because of this gold made ​​gold bullion, which can be profitable to invest money.

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