Teknetics EuroTek and EuroTek PRO New!

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Teknetics EuroTek and EuroTek PRO metal detector . New metal detectors (new year 2013), conceived as the clear leader, competitors affordable Garrett ACE 250. Generally speaking, if a metal detector for sale on how to ACE 250, the same price and with a big 11 inch coil … and perhaps a leader would be replaced. Browse new Teknetics EuroTek and EuroTek PRO metal detectors  (+ 11 DD coil!), direct competitors Garrett ACE.

Teknetics EuroTek and EuroTek PRO New!

Teknetics EuroTek


Teknetics EuroTek metal detector, simplify data management, all three buttons on the Panel. Large high quality display of new generation. Manufacturer Teknetiks seriously approached discrimination finds, new processor technology separation of metals, with more emphasis on cutting off the iron range. Dynamic tuning of the discriminator. Displays the numeric value of VDI. Search mask and adjustable sensitivity.

Common options are metal all , Teknetics EuroTek inexpensive prices. Search frequency, kHz VLF 7.81 scheme (digital signal processing), a battery powered Koruna. The screen has a light depth, the nutritional status of the detector.

If compare with Garrett, Teknetics EuroTek metal detector in their price match probably Garrett ACE 150. But the possibilities of Teknetics EuroTek above 10 times (pinpoint, VDI).


Teknetics EuroTek PRO

Teknetics EuroTek PRO metal detector , the professional version of EuroTek model. Extended discrimination range, scale of “depth” has more meanings, IRON, dual-mode pinpoint. Adjustable volume control.

Teknetics EuroTek PRO you can buy in a store, immediately Klader big coil of Teknetics DD 11. two sets of Teknetics EuroTek PRO, one with regular Mono 8 coil, the second with two coils, 8 Mono and 11 DD.


Comments and opinions about the Teknetics EuroTek . Teknetics metal detector how can shake the position of EuroTek Garrett ACE 250 (or Garrett ACE 150 and Garrett ACE Euro) time will show and sale. At first glance, disadvantages of Teknetics EuroTek in little reel 8 Mono authorized and nutrition Crohn ‘s. But pros enough clear discriminator, output, the new VDI mode “Iron” and adjustable volume (how many disgruntled big volume and irregular in the Garrett ACE!). But the biggest plus of Teknetics EuroTek 11 DD coil, second, that the speed of searching with a metal detector, and the biggest detection depth.