Metal Detector Bounty Hunter Platinum PRO

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Metal Detector Bounty Hunter Platinum PRO


Younger brother battle the most flattering reviews Bounty Hunter metal detector-Bounty Hunter Platinum  Pro is not just a more advanced version of the previous model. The search appliance is truly unique working qualities to achieve results in search models only the highest class equipment.

Metal Detector Bounty Hunter Platinum PRO



Even the most superficial overview of properties of detectors of various classes suggests that the Bounty Hunter Platinum Pro is the perfect combination of indicators such as “price-quality”. Judge for yourself: indicators of detection depth in the soil is quite comparable with the search monsters Teknetics T2, and Fisher F75 and accounted fifteen centimeters on the silver coin-her scales and thirty-four centimetres on copper Nickle of Catherine II.


The device features high stability, rapid response and almost no false alarms in the event of accidental contact with the ground, siding coil and sternej often than Sin other metal detectors. An added bonus is the sale of the metal detector Bounty Hunter Platinum Pro bundled with standard or extended the search coil.


Buy metal detector Bounty Hunter Platinum Pro is able to afford upscale appliances search costs for newcomers.


Technical characteristics

Technology Of VLF
Frequency, kHz 7.8
Length, m 1.1-1.48
LCD Display
Dynamic search modes (discrimination), static (pinpoint and all metals)
There is discrimination, selective
Discrimination scale 12 segments of the digital display from 0 to 99
Automatic ground balance
The depth indication is, digital mode
Audioton 4 colors
The power led is, 3 segment
Sensitivity from 0 to 10
Volume from 0 to 10
Audio out 3.5 mm (1/8)
Weight 1.2 kg
Made in: United States
Warranty: 2 years

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