Bermuda triangle highlighted theories of interpretation

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Bermuda triangle highlighted theories of interpretation

Bermuda triangle highlighted theories of interpretation

The region stretches between the coast of Florida to the island of Bermuda and Puerto Rico, known as “the Bermuda triangle” and without
Other regions in the world with the largest number of hypotheses which attempted to explain the mysterious disappearances is earned whether disappearances affected ships sailed or flew airplanes in the sky or disrupted during navigation devices unexpectedly.
Thanks in the name of “the Bermuda triangle” to the author (Vincent ghadis) and in an article he wrote in 1964 in the magazine Argosy, with many curiosities in the region as well as other authors of whom (Charles Berlitz, Ivan Sanderson).


There is still an ongoing debate as to whether what is happening in the triangle or metaphysical natural phenomenon of them thought there was something strange and cannot be understood in the light of current science, others have taken the scientific perspective of interpretation offered a number of explanations for this mystery. Recall:


1. magnetic vortices

The researcher believes (Ivan Sanderson) to strange phenomena in the sky and sea in that area and the tools and hardware crashes came as a result of what he called “corrupt” where Eddy tells us that “enormous cold currents and other hot intersect with each other in the region resulting in alktromghanatiset effects influence the tools and vehicles and not the Bermuda triangle is the only place on Earth where it occurs”. Anderson was paid a neat mapping into 10 similar places carefully distributed around the globe, of which 5 is located over the Equator and 5 other bottom and spaced.


2. magnetic dysplasia


This theory gave us Coast Guard 30 years ago and says: “the majority of disappearances dating to the environmental characteristics of the area.” On the one hand is the “Devil’s triangle”, one of the two regions do not refer them to the North, and compass, which is supposed to be magnetic north, this is known as the compass and displacement is changed up to 20 degrees may find Navigator finds himself far from the supposed path and creates a big problem “.


3. the space-time torsion

Believes that the space-time rift opens in the Bermuda triangle is a trap for the ships and planes the most poorly endowed luck and then traveling in the region, get lost in it.


This explains the failure to find the ship or wreckage in the area. But where do they disappear? The place and time of others? After another? The possibility remains that in physics fuzzy at best.


4. electronic fog


Do electronic fog is responsible for a number of incidents of mysterious disappearances in the Bermuda triangle? This assertion (Rob MacGregor, Bruce gernon) in their book entitled “Haze”.


He was himself (gernon) first saw the phenomenon survived the alien on 9 December 1970 he and his father were shot from qiraan type (Puna Lanza A36) over the Bahamas.


They were heading to wefmia (lbinimi) met the strange phenomenon of Guimet, the tunnel-like spiral tunnel and was rubbing against the wings plane during a flight and all electronic navigation instruments and magnetism and magnetic compass took dizzy beshklla can be interpreted.


Whenever they approached what appears to be the end of the tunnel and clear blue skies not only whites Leiria italic gray and dull for several miles and no perimeter not sky and horizon, and after flight lasted 34 minutes found themselves on Miami Beach, a journey usually takes 72 minutes, and thinks (McGREGOR) and (gernon) that fog that MRA may be responsible for the disappearance of “Flight 19”, and aircraft and other vessels.


5. the unidentified flying objects (extraterrestrials)


When in doubt blame outsiders for their dishes and although their movements are unclear claim they chose the Bermuda triangle as a point for families for unknown reasons along with the lack of evidence for this theory wonder why kidnaps the entire aircraft and ships strangers have some huge sizes? And why not take the population of ships and aircraft and took them away from their homes in the dark of night?


6. Atlantis

Bermuda triangle highlighted theories of interpretation

When not successful theory unknown flying objects (aliovo) highlighted the theory of Atlantis as an alternative hypothesis that tstnnd to the legendary continent of Atlantis lost in history as civilization has developed advanced technology and amazing. This theory says that the triangle area its place and that the impact of that civilization is still active somewhere in the bottom of the ocean and cause interference with navigation equipment on ships and modern aircraft leading to sinking and break them.


Proponents of this idea by formations of stones called “road signs” binimi civilization of Atlantis, the lost, and so far there does not appear to be any signs of this cutting-edge technology with the exception of the claim “unbelievable” and who came to Dr. (Ray Brown) in 1970 when he was sinking near the Barry Islands and is one of the Bahamas.


Says (Brown) that came on a building that resembles a pyramid with soft textures similar to women swim in it and found the inside completely smoke-free from any algae or coral and was decorated with illuminated lines of light of anonymous. And in the Center the statue of condemning human with LCD display ball 4 inches on top red gem was hanging on the edge of copper Mace.


7. life of slaves

Some believe that the death and disappearances in the Bermuda triangle came as a result of curses, and thinks Dr. (Ken makaul) Brooke lindharst Institute in England that the area could be inhabited by the souls of many of the African slaves who were forcibly returned to America in his book “the haunted” Healing treatment The Haunted, he wrote about this experience alien when he sailed in those waters “while also stay warm air softly with saturated steam became more aware of those sounds that resemble singing sad, wrote that “I thought that the cylinder is registered is triggered by one of the crew but singing continued the next night and eventually I got angry down to ask if it can be stopped but the votes below were the same sounds anywhere else and all crew members were perplexed”, then realized (Kenneth makaul) later how the crew of British ships in the 18th century to throw slaves of honouring the dead by drowning and then receive money to claim them.

8. methane hydrates

Is one of the most interesting scientific theories to explain the disappearances of ships in the triangle has been presented by Dr. (Richard maklifr) is a world giokimiaei and endorsed by the later Dr. (klinel) from the University of Leeds-England. She says that bubbles up from deposits of methane hydrates on the bottom of the Ocean can produce a huge amount of gas which could cause sinking ships due to the low density of the water.
(Klinel) says: “this can cause the sinking of a ship floating above them as a rock” and tells us (klinel) to the flammable gas can also light aircraft engines and exploding.

9. tragedy and no stranger

Maybe not all disappearances and failures in navigation devices enigmatic mysterious at all, had an article about the London incidents recordings entitled “the mystery of the Bermuda triangle” and written by (Lloyd) is the editor of FATE Magazine, “destiny” in 1975 that the triangle if not more dangerous than any other part of the Pacific Ocean, “the article said:” the United States Coast Guard confirmed it, and has found no signs or evidence to refute these stats. Although the Bermuda triangle is a mystery, this region experienced special events it’s definitely of the Ocean movement on trips in the world. With this vast amount of activity in this small spot, it is not surprising that this quantity of incidents. “