garrett scorpion gold stinger Vs garrett AT gold

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garrett scorpion gold stinger

Garrett Scorpion Gold Stinger metal detector to search for special small gold nuggets. garrett scorpion gold stinger runs at high frequency 15 kHz to better detect over small targets, cutting off the rail and breed. No other device may not match the versatility of the garrett scorpion gold stinger proposed.

One click of the switch, turn on the device, this is all that is required from the user, then the device itself is managed automatically ground balance and removing noise. The garrett scorpion gold stinger ideal maneuver on the ground complex in narrow cracks and when searching for the gold mine and nugget.

garrett scorpion gold stinger Vs garrett  AT gold

garrett scorpion gold stinger Technical information

Deep search mode “All metals”
Adjustable sound level
Dual adjustment range of the discriminator
Headphone connector
Adjusting the sensitivity/depth
Metal detector runs at-15 kHz
Socket for headphones
DD coil 5 x 10 ‘ waterproof, you can dive into the water
Power 3 battery 9V “krona”
Tray for washing the gold 10 “(25 cm)
Headphones with adjustable sound level

Garrett At Gold Vs Garrett Scorpion Gold Stinger

Doing a little nugget test for sensitivity comparison between the Garrett AT Gold and the older Garrett Scorpion Gold Stinger

Garrett AT gold

Garrett AT gold metal detector from the firm At Garrett, professional device to find the nugget of gold, works with advanced operating frequency of 18 kHz. Has advanced audio features (two sound channels-for iron and nonferrous metal). Metal detector protected from rain and dust. It can be submerged in water to 3 meters (maximum) to search along the coastlines, rivers, harbours or areas for swimming.
New coil DD 12.5 x 20 cm (5 × 8 “)
Is designed for searching in highly mineralized soils and in the face of strong counter.

garrett scorpion gold stinger Vs garrett  AT gold

Main features:

The threshold tone, rich ground balance, the expanded scale of iron, high speed,
Digital graphics scale Target ID cursor, 2 display modes, standard and digital identity purposes VDI LCD, range 0-99
segment pointer which search mode displays a cursor target identification in accordance with its electric conductivity
Electronic pinpointer
Electronic unit protected from rain and dust.
18 kHz operating frequency