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new EDS metal detectors


The new EDS detectors equipped very well, lightweight, balanced, all-new microprocessors forced metal detector with discrimination is very good. This metal detector is one of the most user friendly on the market with its intuitive operation. Recommended to search for coins,
Operating frequency 14kHz is the result of years of operational experience with different frequencies, and models. This makes it a universal detector frequency, is the best one for coins, relics, gold nuggets, coins, fishing on the beaches.



Search conditions:

Discrimination between minerals
All metal/ground control enable



Sensitivity the disk.
Adjust the balance of the Earth
High/low frequency 1 or 2
M/A land
All metal/disc, a, distinguish between minerals


Control Panel shortcuts
The exact location of the target identification system
Bottom selection system (deep-)
System change ring tones (tone 1 tone 2)
Variable frequency system (frequency 1 frequency 2)
New systems to search for mineral deposits such as gold, or search system.
A careful selection of metal to search before searching for subtle distinctions between metals and separate them.


Technical specifications:

Operating frequencies Freq.1-13, 89 kHz; repeat. 2-13, 74 kHz
Audio frequency 570 Hz
Weight (with batteries included) 1460 g
Extended length 51 “(1300 mm), 41 (1050 mm minimal consumption)
Search the enterprise standard files Pro 9 “x 9” (230 mm mmx230) and Straits Exchange Foundation Pro 12 “x 12” (305mm x 305mm)
Optional search Round6 file “(150 mm)
Headphones 8-32 ohm
Mono/Stereo Jack1/4 “(6.3 mm)
Standard batteries 4 x Ni-MH, 1800 mAh (battery life for 20-30 hours)
Optional four 1.5 V, size AA, alkaline
Caution low battery
Automatic valve and the sound
Adjust the automatic Earth
Earth Tuning Guide

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