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pulse induction metal detector and framework




We often associate great depth and pulse induction metal detector. This technology is often opposed to that of the VLF has the advantage to ignore the instability of the soil related to mineralization, while allowing a depth increased with the use of framework. A PI, understand pulse induction metal detector, is not necessarily “more powerful” than a VLF, but its technology combined with the fact that we can associate a frame, i.e. a big coil protected pipes, to reach depths up to several meters depending on the diameter of the frame and the size of the detected object. Our loyal readers will recall that in number 21, we were discussing the very good performances in depth of detectors ft (from Garrett Seahunter Deepstar, TDI and GPX) to the beach under water or on wet sand (water mixed with salt causes interferences comparable to highly mineralized soil, making most ineffective detectors) even on small target and this to the detriment of an almost non-existent discrimination. Attention, these PI specialist for the beach have nothing to do with PI to great depth because we cannot add their framework.
pulse induction metal detector

pulse induction metal detector



You will find on the market a quantity of PI, some manufacturers having felt the attraction of some consumers to this technology which, let’s face it, lets dreamy! Increased power, ignored… mineralization that does not have a desired possess such a device. The PI therefore bloom on the market, be it among small manufacturers specialized in the industry or even big names like Garrett, CSCOPE or TESORO.


So that you have in this jungle, we selected for you several detectors for various types of research.


Our selection of devices (pulse induction metal detector) ft. deep

Drs. GROUND EXPER: first PI with a real selection of metals

Controlled by a touchpad (Windows 7), GROUND EXPER is the nec plus ultra of the sensors inductive pulsed for metals research. It is able to distinguish between ferrous metals, weakly conductive metals (aluminium foil, alloys) and highly conductive metals (silver, bronze). The detector also indicates when the magnetic siganture is close to that of gold. Better yet you can learn your GROUND EXPER to recognize certain metals way back in memory thanks to an ingenious system of notch. GROUND EXPER marks a real evolution in the range of detectors deep, but one price of 6990 euro reserves to an elite of scientists from treasures often operating abroad. Click here for the specifications of GROUND EXPER.


DETECH SS 3100/5100: best for large depth

Marketed by DETECH Corporation which manufactures among other famous SEF heads as well as the new ULTIMATE discs which everyone is talking about. This expertise in the manufacture of high range drives update the service most major brands, DETECH has used it to create pulsed remarkable finish induction detector which is sold around the world. It is for us the best PI in its category (at a rate of 2000 euros). His great strength is that it is equipped with a magnetometer to discriminate the iron with the disc 45cm or its setting of 1 meter. This excellent disc of 45cm, which looks like two drops of water on the famous “Excelarator 45 cm” for Sovereign, can detect with precision and selectivity in the coveted area of 80-120 cm underground. To descend more deep, we prefer the frame of 1 meter. The SS3100  features a retro illuminated by the similar to that of an oscilloscope operating principle. On the horizontal axis there are the size of the object and its nature, on the vertical axis depth.


The small jewel of DETECH is very simple to use. It turns on and automatically locks on level ground within 15 seconds. With him, not need to recalibrate the sensor as soon as you raise or lower your disk. For the most demanding users, advanced settings are available as a “pinpoint” or manual adjustment of the compensation of the effect of soil. It emanates a feeling of power when it is used thanks to the sharpness and the intensity of the emitted sound above a target. This is simply awesome. The latter varies according to the size and depth of the detected object.

pulse induction metal detector and framework

It is equipped with a frame of 1 meter by 1 meter, an external battery to you provide an hour of additional autonomy if the main battery you should be good. There again, it is very well thought on the part of DETECH. 12 Discs, 30 cm are available in option among others to detect small targets on the beach, as well as a framework of 2 metres by 2 metres for prospect several metres deep with a large metal mass. It is proposed in its PACK version to 2290 EUR only at the Boutique of the excavator, while found in other countries sometimes 1000 euros more as ‘naked ‘. A version without digital display, manual or 2nd disk is available less than 1500 euros: the SSP2100. In 2013, DETECH also launches its new SSP5100, improved version of the 3100. Click here to refer to the range of the DETECH SSP.

The victorious: the latest generation of PI at low cost

The victorious (also called in other countries MOLE PI de NOTSI) is based on the new generation of sensor induction pulsed and manufactured in Bulgaria as its illustrious big brother of DETECH SS 3000, it lets get down to several meters in depth through its setting of 1 x 1 m of 2 x 2 m executives and even 3 x 3 m are available as an option for performance to cut breath! It also comes with a cane and a disc of 40 cm for the search for more small objects, as well as rain protection and a carrying case. It offers many settings for the most demanding users but remains easy to use, all for 1,190 euros only! Click here to refer to the specifications of the victorious.
GTI 2500: the “VLF which also practiced the great depth but only 1 meter.
The GTI 2500 is not a pulse Induction but a VLF. Iron lance of the American brand GARRETT, he is recognized for years as an excellent detector VLF, dedicated to small parts and objects in the prmeeiers cm from the ground. The GTI can also be transformed into great depth sensor. Forgotten isolated pieces and small objects! Equipped with the EAGLE EYE probe, the GTI 2500 into the soil up to 1 meter! (attention to sites that you annoncet from the depths of 3 to 10 metres, it is impossible!)So the GTI 2500 has dual utility, even if performance mode deep are much lower compared to a PI equipped with a framework. One can very well imagine a craftsman using EAGLE EYE on his GTI in the context of his work week while the weekend it would replace this probe by one of the many drives available for use as part of a leisure and hunt down the modest traces left by our ancestors, as we do all with our “small sensors. For less than EUR 1100, the GTI 2500 is a very known hybrid detector even if he got much older. Click here to refer to the specifications of the GTI 2500 with Eagle Eye
There is another hybrid detector. This is TM 808 of White’s. Sold 990 euros) the shop of excavator, it offers a probe of similar form to that of the GTI 2500 as well as an original feature of “detection of cavities and underground.

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